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  1. Home kit looks superb tonight. Maybe just glad to be out of the purple.
  2. Good to have such a strong bench again. There's a lot of talent in their team but there's plenty in ours too.
  3. Conceding 6 or 7 after being 2-0 up would really do some damage to their mindset. Do it, Betis.
  4. Went to make dinner and now they're two behind. Amazing - thank you, Ange.
  5. Had no intention of watching this but my brother's just text me they conceded two in two minutes so I can't resist. Their defence looks beyond shaky.
  6. I hope we're keeping an eye on Baningime. With the right coaching, he could develop into a very useful midfielder for us.
  7. They've got a run in October against Aberdeen, Motherwell, St Johnstone, and Hibs. On the strength of how they looked today - there's no way they won't drop points. We just have to keep winning.
  8. I'm wondering if so many people trying to watch Ronaldo back at United is overloading servers on the streaming sites.
  9. He's a rat but, even putting that aside, we should never have signed him. It's so obvious a player like him could never excel for us given the way teams set up against us in the SPL.
  10. Did well to come back and win that. Going to try to enjoy it for a few days before worrying about our CB situation against Lyon.
  11. We’ve looked a bit better for the last 5 mins. Roofe goal incoming.
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