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  1. Not a current ‘transfer suggestion’ but I read earlier that we only started tracking Jelavic because Papac recommended him. Just another reason to like Sasa.
  2. Don’t think it makes much sense to extend any of them. Balogun looks good but we want Katic and Edmundson to be right behind Goldson and Helander so they can continue developing. McGregor could probably handle another season but I reckon our plan is to make McLaughlin #1 and encourage McCrorie to start challenging him for the shirt. I’d love to see Defoe join the coaching team but maybe he’d rather move back down south once he stops playing.
  3. Ten minutes away from the end of an incredible week for us, by the way, let's not lose sight of that.
  4. Could definitely do with a few changes here. Key players looking knackered and unbelievable strength on the bench.
  5. Easy to forget that we had a period where it felt like we were always asking ‘which key player is going to be injured next’? Little-to-no reporting of that in national media, even though they never seem to tire of reminding us how many of the filth’s players are missing.
  6. Let's hope "Tyldesley Towers" is the low-point of the game today.
  7. Interviewed a guy for a sales job once. Asked him why he wanted to work in sales. He replied "to be totally honest: I don't". Glad to say that, unlike celtic, we weren't stupid enough to give him the job.
  8. Absolutely love this Rangers team. Another win away in Europe and in those conditions! So much character and heart.
  9. Shagger really stepping up here. His experience is so valuable.
  10. It’s huge if this game finishes and we get all three points. Two big “ifs” at this point.
  11. Smart of us bringing Roofe on. He’ll keep the rain out.
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