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  1. Wasn’t there some talk of Gerrard enquiring about Windass a season or two ago and Windass allegedly told him/us he didn’t like the pressure of having to win every week? Even if he was twice the player he is, I wouldn’t want that shite attitude around our dressing room.
  2. I'm sure he'll do it in consultation with Hagi, rather than lay down the law, but I can see him saying 'do you really want to go play in, what is essentially, an U-23 international tournament or the Champions League group stages'?
  3. I’ve enjoyed watching more English Championship than usual and far fewer EPL and CL games. I’m just getting sick of the top tier of football, even before all the ESL stuff.
  4. Hope we say no. We need everyone available for the CL qualifiers.
  5. Martin Boyle's probably the first I'd put on the longlist, but he'd be about 20th behind Calvin Bassey.
  6. Such a key player when he’s fit. If we can get a full season out of Jack it’ll be absolutely huge.
  7. I'm assuming youth football will be limited for the next 6-12 months so we're basically paying to guarantee our younger prospects - who aren't ready to go on loan to the Championship - a regular game. Makes sense as a one-season solution though, ultimately, I hope we can get a permanent 'colt' side into the pyramid and up to the Championship.
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