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  1. I’m already feeling nostalgic for this season and it’s not over yet.
  2. We're automatically in the qualifiers. Top two in the SPL enter them now and Hibs mathematically can't catch us.
  3. Between this and the Patterson / Zungu subs, I fully expect to hear a meltdown from one of them.
  4. I can only imagine this new offside rule was lobbied for by breweries. I take a huge swig of beer every time they're a mile offside and the flag doesn't go up.
  5. Despite the offside, Alfie did great there. Superb determination and physicality. 9/10 strikers couldn't have even got a shot off.
  6. Well, it's been taken from Ibrox Loyal, so there's every chance he'll sign a four year deal tomorrow.
  7. It's been a pleasure to have him here and he's contributed a lot. A great guy who'll always be welcomed back with open arms. And, Christ, how exciting was it to sign him?
  8. Definitely the best pundit in the country - the only other one I can really stand is Marvin Bartley - but glad he's got an opportunity to apply his understanding of the game. That job at Dundee's proved to be very tricky and I still think he's got all the makings of a really good manager. Probably just sentimentalism on my part but, if he does well, it would be nice to see him join our coaching staff.
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