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  1. Wonder if he’ll consider retiring from Scotland after playing in the Euros. Might need to if he wants to maximise his club career.
  2. Hedges is like a lesser Windass to me. Nowhere near our level.
  3. All I wanted was dropped points. Delighted.
  4. Some of our passing is simply atrocious. Good teams have bad days, great teams still get the job done on them.
  5. If they take Riordan off and we get Weiss on then that's good news for us.
  6. This is one of the most mediocre Rangers performances I've seen in a long time. Ally's talking about putting Weiss on now.
  7. Not exactly the bright start I was hoping for, more dodgy passes and a real lack of movement.
  8. Amongst all that chaos someone made a really good point, if we get Weiss on (and get the ball to Davis, Miller etc.) then we should be able to really exploit the space that the sending offs will create.
  9. Lafferty really doesn't deserve to wear the Rangers top.
  10. At least our fans are awake, nice little chorus of We Are The People there. Probably for the best that Jelavic couldn't play today, our service to the last third wouldn't have done him justice.
  11. McGregor's audition for the Bolshoi Ballet is going well...
  12. It's all kicking off now, expecting a few more bookings before HT.
  13. Ridiculous reaction from McGregor, but Riordan really is a rat faced little arsehole.
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