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  1. Particularly as he thinks Phillip is spelled with an F.and a U
  2. What would you expect from pigs but grunts. It’s got to the stage we’d be shocked if they ever respected a minutes silence
  3. He was like Bambi on ice.
  4. Don’t start with your facts shit.
  5. I feel Bernie Thompson is a bit of a cunt.
  6. His English is almost as bad as my Spanish 😀
  7. What’s the Lego and kerbside kebab situation like in Sheep City, both readily available? Asking for a fiend
  8. 2nd game since lockdown ended, couple of 2s and 42 points😀
  9. Some things can’t be trained/taught. If I’d had the exact same life as Usain Bolt, diet, home life, training regime, and general lifestyle, I still couldn’t complete with him on the track. Likewise all the footballing greats from the past, be that Stanley Mathews, Alan Morton or Pele. When the lucky dust was sprinkled around they got more than their fair share of natural footballing talent, to suggest they couldn’t cut it in the modern game is plainly idiotic. As I said earlier MM simply needs attention and presses buttons to get it.
  10. Obviously but MM simply wants to wind people up by posting increasingly absurd and ridiculous things.
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