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  1. If he’s not sacked that would suggest they’ve given up on the League as well.
  2. Keep your loved ones close but not Torbertt n Cairney close.
  3. They bottle weans and it barely gets a mention so last nights riot will be quickly forgotten.
  4. Twentyfive billion Dembele Dollars
  5. They’re eating themselves, they’re fucked, there’s no way back.
  6. Dolly’s Braes Parton Wild Young Loyalists
  7. Too many crosses come into our box from both sides as both FBs are better going forward than defending.
  8. They’re a more than decent and the way they broke from defence was slick.
  9. I’m just trying to temper the blind optimism on here. We carry on our current form and I’m quietly optimistic but too many think it’s a done deal and all we have to do is turn up.
  10. True but they’re no mugs, despite having a few out and a victory is not a formality.
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