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  1. We need to shift it back to front much quicker, we need to go long when opposition are pressing, when a cross comes in we need someone front post not 2 or 3 round the penalty spot, midfielders have to get beyond our attackers and into the box much more frequently. We need players prepared to take responsibility and put their laces through it, not always be looking for the safe pass.
  2. Glad the racist cunt got beat, fuck. Joshua and fuck black lives matter.
  3. Came from a good Rangers family, married a girl from good stock but he’s a 100% cunt.
  4. Pedrena (Nr Santander) PGA Catalunya (the green course) Sotagrande
  5. Played a few on the Algarve, the Old Course is my favourite.
  6. Excellent hope you played well
  7. What was the green fee at the London Club.
  8. Algarve on Monday, Millenium, Pinhal and the Old Course. Can’t wait.
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