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  1. No no no your wit left me light years behind, I’ve learned my lesson and will never mess with RMs Oscar Wilde again.
  2. If it’s upset you retreat to your safe space.
  3. True, with the lack of quality County have he could have played 5/4/1 and parked the bus but he tried to make a game of it, even when under the cosh, they also hit the woodwork twice. Hope he keeps them up.
  4. Like big Yogi, always comes across as decent and honest.
  5. Much of what he does is routine, or at least he makes it look routine. I think he’s under appreciated by many.
  6. A statement that tells celtic the light at the end of the tunnel is a fuckin train.
  7. An institution built on lies, formed in 1888 we’re told to help victims of the 1840 potato famine. A bit like forming an organisation to help victims of the Vietnam War today.
  8. PLB whores himself for cheap likes.
  9. I get what you’re saying about confidence, always think when he’s confident he’s more willing to take on and beat his man, that has been lacking for a few games. However he still contributes massively most games. He’s improved massively in his time with us.
  10. Tavs been good, still whipping crosses in to dangerous areas, problem is nobody is getting on the end of them.
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