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  1. Going for a measure up and to try some irons out tomorrow, played a guy tonight who’s just got a set of these, won on 17 so on the 18th I borrowed his five iron for 187 yard approach fuckin nailed it. They just look and feel like great clubs. you got a set yourself?
  2. Tav doesn’t want to play fullback either. I think Glen has the attributes to become an attacking fullback.
  3. When making love I start with this and finish with The Benny Hill theme.
  4. What did you want Je t’aime?
  5. Look on the National comments, the level of hatred for my Club is off the scale, no other club gets the abuse Rangers get. Do you hate the Union Flag as well.
  6. Well your Cunto party want Rangers dead, they despise everything about us. Unbelievably cunts like you still vote for them.
  7. Why the fuck would any Rangers Fan want anything to do with the national team.
  8. For the Natz there’s a lot of political mileage in attacking the Quintisentially British Club.
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