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Michael Owen key to EPLs future as THE dominant force?

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This was just a thought I had earlier tonight. It isn't neccesarily the case - but I thought it was quite an interesting theory,

This summer, as I am sure everyone heard, Cristiano Ronaldo moved to Real Madrid from Manchester United in a record breaking £80m switch. For the gain of £80m, Man Utd lost it's most reliable goalscorer, playmaker, shirt seller and, quite frankly, the best footballer in the world with the arguable exception of one or two. To replace the unreplaceable, Man Utd aquired the services of Luis Antonio Valencia and Micheal Owen.

While Valencia may provide plenty of crosses, tricks and flicks to replace Ronaldo - who will be tapping the chances in? Wayne Rooney, has seemingly lost form in terms of goalscoring ever since his first season for Man Utd, and was becoming prefered as a winger in some games last season. Berbatov has dissapointed since his arrival for a whopping £30m last season, and Carlos Tevez has moved on to local rivals Manchester City.

Could the answer be Michael Owen? I believe that if the answer to this question is yes, then Manchester United will continue to dominate the English game and continue to appear in the very late stages of the Champions League, and continue to be seen as the best club in the world, but if the answer to this is no and Manchester United don't fix the problem soon, I fear that the dominance of English football in Europe could become a thing of the past.

Chelsea do not seem to have the money to buy the world beaters they were signing a few seasons ago, and are having to stick with what they already have - a lot of money spent in a short period of time brings a lot of honours - but only for a short period of time.

Liverpool have never been consistent enough to mount a serious title challenge come the end of the season - and their title of the 'European Cup football club' has been tarnished in the last few years having not really done anything since being beaten by AC Milan a few years back in the 'revenge final.'

Arsenal, a role model football club, but not an amazing team. Their genuine concern for the stability of the financial side of the club has shot them in the foot in recent years, but I believe it could really help them in the long term as the other three of 'The Big Four' continue to fall further and further into debt. However, they do not have the squad to make a serious bid for the Champions League title in my opinion.

So with these three clubs not looking good in terms of having a chance of winning in Europe it will once again be down to Manchester United to fly the flag for England in Europe, but with no real goalscoring threat - will they be able to do that? This is where my Michael Owen theory comes in. If he can prove he still has what it takes to score goals for fun at all levels, then Manchester United will walk the league again this year and give any team in the Champions League a run for their money. Despite Manchester United's status as one of, if not the, biggest club in the world - Real Madrid vs. Barcelona is the most mouth-watering and I would assume, sought after Champions League final for the 2009/10 season. If United were to go all the way and win the thing with Owen's goals, then that would further increase the profile of English football in the world, and may prove to bring the seemingly dry spell of cash, by their standards of course, in the EPL to a halt. It would also make Owen the best bosman signing EVER. No exageration. I'm sure if Owen is successful, then he, along with Valencia, will sell a ton of shirts as well, filling Ronaldo's void.

Michael Owen, no presure son.

P.S - Another thought I had is that isn't this just a fantastic time for City to have cash? Quite honestly I would rather have a front line of Robinho, Tevez, Adebayor and SWP than any other that is offered in the EPL. If City manage to break into the top four and make the Champions League next season, the sky is the limit for where they can go as a club. With that amount of cash and the offer of Champions League football, I don't see why any ambitious player wouldn't want to go there. They are looking very promising,

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I think the top three will be alot close this year.

After 10 games Owen will either have broken down with an injury, or been a revelation.

A year could make a big difference to Liverpool in terms of gelling as a team and ironing out the consistency thing.

As for Chelsea they've made one cracking signing already, I still think another 1 or 2 are needed to challenge for the title and they will be 3rd again.

Man City and Arsenal to battle for 4th , with Man City nicking it.

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Im not 100% sure that i agree that man utd will be the only team to fly the flag in europe.

If we take last season into account, Arsenal were beaten in the semi-final, which means this current squad has more than enough ability to reach the final and maybe even win it.

Chelsea were beaten in the semi-finals with a last minute goal against the eventual winners.

Liverpool were beaten by Chelsea.

To be honest the english clubs will be there or there abouts this season again, and i would go as far as sticking my neck out and saying that 1 if not 2 teams will be in the final this year.

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Some really good analysis there, yes I think Man U are probably a shoe in, the ones to watch will be Liverpool and Man City. City have potentially an amazing team, but does Hughes really have what it takes? and Liverpool really need to show some consistancy, and challange Man U all the way. Chelsea and Arsenal will be there or there abouts, but just aren't good enough.

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