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  1. Why are there so many mentions of the Europa League here?, we have Kilmarnock at home next weekend before Antwerp so team selection had nothing to do with the EL game. Shite performance, shite result but the league is done, once the frustration wears off the table will still show a 21 point gap.
  2. Eddie Howe is pure pie in the sky stuff from them, he left Burnley due to personal reasons and went back to Bournemouth, i highly doubt he would come away up here, even if he did, i wouldn't be overly concerned about him as a manager, it'll be a total rebuild for that lot this summer.
  3. Forster in goals for Southampton tonight as their No 1 tested positive for Covid, therefore out for at least 10-14 days, not a chance the taigs get him this month, Great news as i'm fairly sure a lot of their deluded fan base had him signed haha.
  4. He literally has a cuntish dig at our manager at the end of that article, he is and never will be a friend of our club, Tom English for that reason can get so far to fuck, the wank that he is.
  5. A team we faced a few weeks back played a literal 5-5-0 against us and we now believe that due to the tims playing a 4-4-2 diamond in a must win game means everyone will do similar, come on, behave. We would absolutely annihilate the majority of the league if they set up like that. Plus like every other tactic we have faced in the league it didn't really work as we plough on notching up the wins.
  6. Yeah, mental how his family played in the Provanhall True Blues and there he is playing for them.
  7. He reminds me a lot of Rod Wallace, it's been a long time since we've had that type of striker who finds himself in the right place at the right time more often than not. He is lethal inside and outside the box, great all round striker and so long as we are careful with him and keep him fit, he will bag 20 goals this season no problem.
  8. Whilst you don't get any trophies for topping the group, it keeps a good momentum going, it is also an achievement in itself and shows this squad that they can top groups/win things, which is ultimately everything we want for our club and this group of players. It creates or enhances belief in that we can achieve success this season. Hopefully get the job done tonight and take some invaluable confidence from it to help with our upcoming domestic schedule.
  9. When we top the group come Thursday there won't be any English sides we can meet as I expect them all to top their groups. For the sake of the thread, i'd like a go at Arsenal, but i'd rather just avoid all English sides as we could be doing without the circus that brings this season.
  10. I fancied us against Benfica and I fully expect us to get the job done against a team who are nowhere near Benfica's level and that we have already beaten away from home. A goal for Alfredo would also be a bonus but hoping for a good performance and a comfortable win before setting sights firmly on Ross County on Sunday.
  11. I mean we could argue that a player flying to Spain leading to games being postponed should also be classed as not following protocol, but then that would only impact one team.
  12. This isn't correct, Motherwell are now 5th with 6 points gained, Hamilton are on 11 points and are now joint bottom, this decision has only come out today.
  13. I thought this would happen with a few of their players who might have decided fuck this after Sunday, wouldn't be surprised to see another couple pull out with "injuries" in the coming weeks
  14. I feel like we have a great chance of the 3 points tonight, i'll probably be a little disappointed if we don't get them tbh. Shows how far we have actually come. Benfica missing a few influential players and they aren't exactly in great form given they have lost 2 league games and by all accounts should've lost against us. They won 1-0 in the cup to Portuguese minnows, so whilst they should be respected, they are a team that I would expect us to beat at Ibrox. For whatever reason Portuguese sides just don't like playing us, hopefully that continues tonight.
  15. I really can't see how they can possibly sack him, if they do it's a massive risk. New manager isn't a certainty to work out and might be like them conceding the league to us, we just have to keep winning that's all that matters, this squad of theirs has never faced this type of challenge before, they have always had the games in hand to go ahead or already ahead. I personally feel they will crumble and it's long overdue.
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