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  1. I voted no. In reality, I'd pay it. But wouldn't be happy about it. I think it'd be a slap in the face to ask for something like this after the fans selling out season tickets for no games.
  2. I have never seen a 'world class' Scottish player. Sad really.
  3. For fucks sake RDB, just wait until the public sale. If you are that desperate you can pay a little extra.
  4. Calm down mate. I hate the Tartan Army and the way they act - but that doesn't mean you should go against your country. Come on Scotland.
  5. We've bashed Walter so many times for things like this, and almost every time on reflection its clear to see he was right. He knows what he is doing.
  6. Our 6th years on their last day done this. It was epic due to unexpectedness. Tough act to follow for us new 6th years this year
  7. If we get anything near £1m for him I'd probably take it and run. It'd actually be a massive help to us NOT having him as an option, because when he gets used he is fucking useless. I'd rather see younger guys getting the chance when players are injured rather than Lafferty.
  8. What do you make of your Champions League group? Madrid again I've had Fiorentina - Napoli on in the background. Ref is getting a tough job - didn't help that he gave a dodgy goal probably. I should be doing Maths homework but this keeps distracting me.
  9. He won't be near Broadfoot. Not that I have any more confidence in Whittaker.
  10. Have to agree with you there. 3rd would be a success, 2nd would be a bonus.
  11. I'm actually quietly confident about us doing pretty well in the Champions League this year. If Rapid get knocked out tonight, we have Weiss, Bougherra, Davis, Jelavic and Miller - who are all players that could do really well in Europe. Add the consistency of Papac and the unpredictability (in the sense that they sometimes produce magic from nowhere) of Whittaker & Naismith etc. and we have potential to give a good impression of ourselves. I can't see us being embarassed this year. Second or a close third.
  12. :lol: :lol: That is fucking epic. I want us to sing that sooo much.
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