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  1. No one picked it. Its based on a statistical model, based on actions in each game. This is more proof that the model isn't great. They had Duffy at centre back last month when he was absolutely hopeless.
  2. 'Rangers to appear in Fortnite' or similar is a header. You get more context and in depth detail from the article. 'OMG! You won't believe how Rangers are like the Avengers!' is nonsense clickbait shite you expect from a scam company on Facebook. I'm sure it works for you, so fair play. I just find it annoying, and wouldn't put any trust or respect in a website which does it.
  3. These clickbait topic titles are horrible. Link to your page if you want, but just say what the article is about.
  4. I voted no. In reality, I'd pay it. But wouldn't be happy about it. I think it'd be a slap in the face to ask for something like this after the fans selling out season tickets for no games.
  5. Gate receipts too. £30 × 50,000 × 3 is £4.5m before costs.
  6. It actually doesn't look quite as bad as I was expecting. Some draws are much harder than others, but if we play to our best we can be competitive against most of them.
  7. Season over - we need to let Katic play in big games for a few weeks. We get nothing from playing Worrall now.
  8. What day we thinking this will be if we get there?
  9. Me and my Dad have both had £35 taken off. Maybe doing one game at a time?
  10. Does the £429 include the ticket cost? If not, any ideas on how much it would be?
  11. Fed up caring about pish like this. Just get the tops on sale.
  12. 5% increase for me too. £26 a game, £467. Not amazing value, but would never give it up.
  13. I'd be happier if the team had a bit more freedom to move around in the lower leagues. Perhaps they wouldn't be allowed to be relegated from League 2 or promoted from the Championship. Gives the boys a bit more to play for. League 2 isn't a great level and we'd probably have guys in the middle who we end up wanting to loan out to Championship teams instead.
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