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Brock Lesnar apology

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Did anybody see brock lesnars ridiculous apology at the post-ufc 100 press conference? It was embarrassing to watch. After putting in a good performance and letting off some steam with his true feelings in the interview after the fight he had to hold up a bottle of bud-light and apologise to budweiser for mentioning another beer.

The sight of him being forced to suck up to sponsors was a bit pathetic. He should have told dana white to fuck off. Whats the point in joe 'twat' rogan interviewing them after the match to get their thoughts when they are only allowed to say things that suit UFC and their sponsors?

Its a shame P.R.I.D.E doesnt exist anymore cos UFC needs some competition. Until they get a proper rival the fighters are just like puppets, saying whatever sponsors and UFC want them to.

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Considering the best heavyweight in the world in Fedor isn't in UFC I don't get what your talking about?

You can't have your fighters ripping the piss out of the sponsors that's business, and is the same in EVERY sport.

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