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The camps are divided


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we deserve better ? proposed trust motion proposal.

we dont agree with "ALL" 17 points,,assembly response.

Ross Blythe,"in the pockets of the big boys"..quoted "we must sell players".

Ally,quoted "if i thought we are a selling club,i will go".

bye,bye Ally...we are a wee feeder club...cuelar,van bronk,boumsong,hutton etc.

keep paying for these overpaid primodonnas,..or go nice holidays with your family.

Rangers have no direction whatsoever.

blind loyalty,is all we have.

they love you.

10,000 crowds...will happen

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you do make some weird post and not all of them makes sense. This is a time when we should be trying to unite our fans and not try too make them too choose between two out of many supporters organisation. You are just repeating old news from ages ago now. Assembly or rst have no say in what rangers do so what they say does not mean players will get sold or not. Gio and boumsog were sold along long time ago for alot of profit.

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