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Asked about his obvious inexperience, Lennon used the example of Guardiola, who in his first top job became the first Barca manager to win six trophies in the one season in the shape of the Spanish Primera Division, Copa del Rey, Champions League, Spanish Super Cup, European Super Cup, and World Club Cup. “You don’t know until you try it,” the Northern Irishman said. “I know there is the thought that you need that experience to manage a club like this and maybe you do but I hope to prove that wrong.

“The most experienced managers in the world have come to the Old Firm and not done as well as they probably would have liked to.

“Guardiola has done all right at Barcelona, so if anyone is an example he is.


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The silly wee shite, Barca have enough quality in their side that they don't even need a manager, the team picks itself.

Lemmon has brought in a new team and expects them to play as a unit from the off, a good experienced manager might be able to pull it off using tatical know how, but a novice?????? :wanker:

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