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Taken from septic-minded

After the game on Sunday someone from our support reported a St Mirren youth team player to the police claiming that he had directed a sectarian slur (sounds like Athenian bustard) towards them. The incident was reported in today's Daily Record (p23).

The player in question is my cousin, a centre-half with the Buddies U19s.

I wasn't at the game on Sunday and have only heard an account of what happened second-hand from relatives today. Having said that, I can state with complete confidence that there is no way he would have said what he is being accused of saying. I sat next to this young man at Celtic Park for almost 10 years and a comment like that would be anathema to anyone in our family, not least because we're all *****.

According to what I've been told he went out at full time to take down the nets behind the goal next to the stand where our supporters were celebrating. He then clocked my Uncle Ed in the crowd and started to wave up to him. I don't know if someone misread this as him taking the piss (he was wearing his St Mirren trackie at the time), but some folk started to have a go at him. He responded by shouting something to the effect: 'I'm one of you!'

The next thing he knows he's being interviewed by plod and the club's general manager over this alleged sectarian offence.

If anyone knows the person who made this complaint to the police (or is the complainant in question) please PM me, as I'd appreciate the chance to speak on the lad's behalf with a view to getting the complaint withdrawn. I don't believe for a minute that anyone in our support would make such a complaint maliciously, but if there has been a genuine misunderstanding I'd like the chance to clear it up ASAP. I know that a few folk here post on on other boards too, so if you could increase awareness by posting links to this thread I'd really appreciate it.

If the fiscal decides to prosecute and he's convicted (which is a possibility, however unlikely I believe it to be) he faces being banned from every football ground in the country. This would kill his career befor it's even gotten started, which is a fate no young footballer deserves, especially a fellow Celtic fan.

Thanks in advance,


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