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Leggoland New Blog - Attacks The Media And Their Reporting


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A few good points about the way Rangers fans misbehaving is reported compared to the jolly craicsters,

Iirc we are the only team in world football who had a karaoke version of a song we were singing with the bouncing ball played on a national news broadcast :rolleyes:

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Its the same old story mate the tims have caused alot of havoc on there travels yet nothing gets reported, had it been Rangers its a different story as Leggo says its in all Rhags and BBC would have a field day. There fuckin Scum and so is the mhedia in Scotland bar a few.

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I must add, last years trouble in Lincoln wasnt reported here either

A fair few of us from VB were down in Lincoln the week after to officially unveil the headstone to William McBeath and the stories we were told that didn't make the papers was disgusting.

They were fighting locals and themselves..trashing pubs and hotels and generally being their usual disgusting selves everywhere they went.

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