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Playing Squad Improvements


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I have been quiet (been reading but not posting) on this site for several months waiting for us to finally wake up and smell the roses.

If you stand since Wednesday and look into the mirror and say "I can't believe we have lost a 15 point lead...." well we have and it should not come as a shock. Our early season away form flattered and deceived most blue noses and gave us a over hyped lead in the table however I was never convinced and was concerned from our very first home game against Hearts. We lacked creativity and width last season and also pace at the back, we started the season with several new faces but the same old problems. This is my take on why its went wrong and my opinion and constructive criticism on the current first team squad.


The Shagger has made mistakes but in games we have won so its hard to criticise however he has shown no improvement in coming for cross balls and we have lost to many goals from set pieces.

General Overview we have the best goalie in the league we will however need him at his best for the rest of the season.


Yes we brought in Goian (loves to be pulled out of position then has no pace to cover) and also Boca who is Weir but ten years younger but Weir was playing English Premier League at that age. This has resulted in us playing a deep line again that results in our midfield playing deeper and 40 yards from our forward line. When we do try and play a high line we suddenly become picked off with the easy ball in behind. Whittaker has been shocking and his sending off in Sweden has summed up his season posted missing for majority of games. We have also played most games with two left backs Papac and Wallace well am sorry none of them are fit to play in midfield they lack pace and the creativity and they play left back for that very reason.

General Overview we don't have the cash to waste money on any more defenders we will have to stick with what we have. I would bring back Weir into the starting line up and make him Captain yes a backward step for some but I think he would tighten up the defence. Why don't we sell Broadfoat and give McMillan a chance if Whittaker's injured this would also free up a wage and give some extra transfer funds.


We bought several midfielders in the pre season an am afraid all have shown nothing in the appearances they have made and the lack of game time show they have shown nothing to the coaching team in training to suggest otherwise. I don't like to judge a book by its cover but it looks like there is nothing to read with Bedoya, Mackay and Ortiz at the end of the day they are a glorified flyer and were bought to increase squad numbers not quality. That leaves us with the same old guys as last season, Edu, Davis, Jig, and Wylde yes they were great in the title run in last year however they have been average this year and have not reached near the heights of last season. Edu and Jig are there to do the dirty work yes they don't always look pretty but until you play against them you will never appreciate them however do we need to play with two of these kinds of players in the SPL. This brings me to Davis, this man has gone missing from last season, he was giving the Captain's armband at the start of the season and it looks like the pressure has got to him and the reason why Sir Walter played him wide has become evident, he goes missing to often to be a regular starter in the middle of midfield.

General Overview we need something different especially with Naisy out for the season. Hutton and Ness (when fit) were good enough last season in big games play them so giving them starts or loan them out to decent English Division 1 teams and the same goes for Fleck. We need to buy or loan however we need quality not quantity here, give the fans some sort of marque signing. Sir Walter managed to do it with Mendes and Davis there must be a player out there struggling for games with a big club that we can loan to breathe life into our title bid. One I thought about is Niko Kranjcar from Tottenham? Also if the coaching staff don't believe in or think the dead wood can improve get rid.


Jela form has resembled the teams form but we have to ask ourselves do we get rid now and buy or wait until the summer? He is going to go now or then thats for sure as there is no smoke without fire with the media reports. I just hope we don't sell him on the 31st and we have no time to replace.

General Overview if we have some money to spend keep Jela to the summer if not sell quick and buy replacement's quick and use the rest for a creativity midfielder.

Missing Link

Naismith yes we are suddenly finding out how big a part he played in our team with his work ethic, his ability to link midfield with the forwards and his scoring of big goals at big times.

Just my opinions however I welcome everybody's thoughts..............

No surrender

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