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  1. The Monk

    FIFA 21

    I’ve managed to work my way to division 5 as Rangers playing PSG, Liverpool and teams like that every other game somehow. It’s annoying coming up against average players that can do well against you just by giving it to Mbappe for example but I think I play better against people like that because it’s quite fun embarrassing them.
  2. Eddie Howe has always struck me as the type of guy who stinks of Quavers
  3. Howe is a good coach but the conditions to succeed at Bournemouth were perfect for him, he knew the club inside and out, he had a very generous budget and no significant pressure if they underperformed. I think he’ll get them playing better football and could get more out of some of the players there than Lennon did but I don’t see him as the man you would want in a crisis. We need to make sure like this season we hit the ground running and put pressure on them early on, I feel like Howe will crumble under the pressure if he doesn’t have an easy ride in the first 3-4 months. I also t
  4. Don’t want to get carried away before a ball has been kicked but if they appoint Keane it’s a massive opportunity for us to win 56. I don’t see what he offers different to Lennon in terms of style and you could even argue that at least Lennon had a very good knowledge of the league, I think (and hope) Keane will arrive with a misplaced arrogance and vastly underestimate the job he has as I’d imagine he’ll currently have next to no knowledge of how teams like Hibs, Livi etc play.
  5. Definitely starting to gain momentum with Nicky Butt as his assistant. I’m daring to dream.
  6. “Why don’t we all kill Catholic babies jump jump”
  7. Yeah Patterson and Arfield on for Balogun and Aribo for me.
  8. Sima looked like he couldn’t quite believe what his teammate had just said. I’d imagine their black players would also be disgusted by the club statement they released and seriously be considering moves elsewhere.
  9. Bit of a kick in the balls as I felt we were starting to get into our rhythm. Clear red though
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