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  1. Bit of a sickener considering we could have gone 6 points clear
  2. Fuck sake missed the first 15 mins was Sakala’s goal good?
  3. They are going to have some mental results this season, can cause teams a lot of problems and seem to be good at getting goals quickly in matches but they cant defend for shit.
  4. I had hoped Wright may start but I'm happy enough with that to start with tbh. Aribo has been one of our better players so far and always does a bit better further forward so think having him close to Morelos will help considering how good his control is in tight areas. When the game starts to open up a bit later on that should be a good time to introduce Wright or Sakala
  5. May well be the same for everyone but with the 3 match package for me they sent me 3 PDFs and 3 PNGs of the QR Code but the PDFs are all the same and appear to be the one for the Brondby game albeit the PNGs are different so can download and scan the relevant Lyon one at the game. Just thought it was a bit weird.
  6. 3 Match packages now available to Mygers members. I had hoped there would be a sale for individual matches but think I may need to just get one of these as judging by current availability there’s not going to be many seats if any left for an individual sale.
  7. Woodburn and Baningime look like really good signings for Hearts
  8. Of the players they’ve been linked with Nisbet is probably the one I’d rather they didn’t get
  9. Ferencvaros are said to be equally upset as that is the usual time they feed the chickens
  10. Got to hope that is a big psychological blow for them too, a lot of negativity surrounding us, key players missing, manager not even there etc and they still couldn’t beat us.
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