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  1. Ref tried to bail them out and they still fucked it
  2. He gives that free kick on Cosgrove and neither goals happen. It’s small margins but always seems to work in their favour.
  3. Lol what a fucking joke Aberdeen are
  4. Fuck off that was a free kick
  5. McGregor Tav Goldson Helander Barisic Aribo Davis Kamara Hagi Roofe Kent
  6. They looked an absolute shambles there
  7. Where the fuck did Craigan come from?
  8. Been very impressed with him, he knows his limitations but is an intelligent defender and knows exactly when to time a tackle.
  9. Right near the end when we were keeping it in the corner, Barisic just went down and sat there then Griffiths started shouting at him then crying to the ref, sure there must be a clip somewhere
  10. Was anyone else pissing themselves at Griffiths losing it with Barisic Literally one of the most petty, classless player I’ve seen not able to take it when one of our players was sat down rubbing it in.
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