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  1. Some fucking goal that. Great reaction today from a few players that had been struggling a little bit lately
  2. Has anyone regularly used mobile hotspots for online gaming? The broadband is so bad where I am but seem to get good 4g coverage on my phone.
  3. I just want the league wrapped up so I can fully enjoy all of this without any lingering doubt at the back of my mind. Superb content though.
  4. Need Arfield, Jack and Roofe back and available for selection as soon as possible.
  5. We’ve gone through a very tough run of games lately so it was inevitable we would drop points somewhere, just need to show a good reaction against Ross County next week.
  6. Good that we have Helander to come straight in but hope Balogun is okay edit - nevermind
  7. It would mean everything, a huge emotional weight lifted. Since 2012 I’ve thought everyday about how long we’ll have to wait when it seemed like an everlasting nightmare and finally I think we may soon have an answer.
  8. The Monk

    FIFA 21

    Only just started a new team on this a few days ago so no way I’m getting that Tavernier card in time
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