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Some fucking insane saves there! If he was still playing, would he be one of the best in the world? This is a genuine question, I'm too young to remember Goram's other attributes (distribution, leadership) etc as all they show in vids is his actual saves.

Andy prided himself on his distribution. 00000042.gif

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brilliant videos . bring back some great memories .

i know its a little strange with all the great players we had in those days , but andy goram was my hero when i was a kid . i just loved the guy , especially because of his performances against the filth .

and that save from van hooijdonk :crabflute::uk::21::drool: :drool: :drool:

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what made him even better (in my eyes) was he just hated the thought of losing a goal against that lot, never mind losing the game...

penalty save and celebration at the san giro and save from hoijdonk at Ibrox are up there with the best.

Hitting Di Fanio with the ball TWICE has to be the best clip ever! :praise:

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World Class.

I've been spoiled watching keepers like Woods(I was young),Goram,Klos and McGregor but Andy was just something else.

Anyone who watched Rangers when Goram was in goals will tell you that whenever an opposition striker was one on one with him you knew he would save it!

Cheers OP that was mint :beer1:

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i was a big Woods fan, but after he got that disease (something weird like laberintitus?) he was never the same. Goram was different class though. for me, his game against Leeds away was the best i've ever seen from a keeper. the videos dont do it credit - he seemed to save everything that night. the Cantona save in the first minute set the tone. truly class keeper.

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