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  1. Mclaughlin Tav Goldson Helander Bassey Zungu Hagi Aribo Itten Defoe Barker If everything goes well I'd have Patterson on for Tav at half time and bring on Balogun for Goldson at the same time to give those 2 a rest.
  2. They've had more opportunities to get in behind us and run at our back 4 and keeper than the rest of the season combined. We need to get a grip of that and stop losing the ball when we're committed high up the park.
  3. Rarely gets the glaringly obvious decisions wrong but we are more than often on the wrong end of the sly decisions that add up over 90 mins. He's a sleekit fenian bastard.
  4. how much did you guys pay for wijnaldum and mertens ? I've been touting mertens as a signing for us for ages , I think he's a terrific wee player .
  5. yet you bring it up again after a year ! Arse .
  6. Just fantastic news . I'd just like to say a huge congratulations to everyone on the forum , and to all fellow bears around the world . We deserve this so much after the shite we've had to go through this season , I hope you all have a great night and an even better day tomorrow . WE ARE THE PEOPLE !
  7. I just spoke to mr whyte , he said the deals been done for hours , he wanted to wait till seven o'clock for jim White to start his shift on Ssn .
  8. yaaaaaas , fuckin quality !!!!!! Lol'd big time at that .
  9. we really need a bit of possesion here . they are totally controlling the game just now , and it looks only a matter of time till they score . hopefully diouf can get his foot on the ball and make a few passes . just to get up the park a wee bit .
  10. we need to get a bit of posession here , there starting to come into this a little too much for my liking .
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