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The Louden Tavern: Ibrox Stadium – One Year On

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It has been just over a year since we became fully operational. In this time we have watched the most turbulent year in our club’s 140 year history unfold and during this time our support has shown loyalty beyond question – so much so that the world has been talking about Rangers.

We, as The Quintessential Rangers’ Supporters’ Pub, have had the honour and privilege to experience this first hand.

Over the past 12 months the pub has seen massive changes that render it unrecognisable from its previous incarnation. From the HD Televisions and aircon to the red, white, and blue interior and exterior – the changes are startling.

The feedback we have had has been amazing. We genuinely appreciate the enthusiasm and support that has been shown towards the pub and will continue to strive towards our goal of creating the perfect matchday experience for our fans.

We would also like to thank the staff who do a fantastic job. They have risen to every challenge we have presented them and they have never let us down.

We are very proud of what we, with your support, are creating and look forward to delivering on our vision of what The Rangers Support deserve.

Thank You

We Are The People

God Bless The Rangers

The Louden Tavern: Ibrox Stadium - More Than A Pub

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Good advert. Disguised as a post.

Nah seriously, by the sounds of it the owners/ management have done a fine job (read a few posts so don't really know)

I frequented that pub a few times in the 80s when it was the stadium (is that right?) before leaving for Oz. on match days it was heaving and hot and smelly service was average. Non match days it was empty, cold and smelly, service was average.

Always used to think how does this place survive with one home game a fortnight. I guess that's why it closed (or whatever happened).

All the best from Oz

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Great deal on the train since 0ct to end Nov £19 return to anywhere in Scotland and Berwick on Tweed and Carlisle included any train..............as long as it's going where you want to go :7325:

You better mention the condition attached to that ED, before any "youngsters" get their hopes up. :D

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