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Now with every debate in the bears den their is always going to be a

difference of opinion with regards to our club.

The debate that interests me right now is our future dealings in the

transfer market. Now I'm a great believer in most walks of life you

get what you pay for but football can be an exception to the rule.

For every Andy Carroll deal out there a Christian Benteke deal is there

to be had.

The argument we have just now now is about the size of our wage bill

for the lower divisions? Now I personally don't think our wage bill is to

excessive as obviously it was in years gone by, we are Rangers the biggest

club in Scotland and still Europe. Our global fan base will always have us in

this esteem.

Now back to you get what you pay for, I am merely using Iain black as an

example here.

We could surmise all day what wages he was on but let's just say 5k a week?

What did we get in return for 5k a week? Not a lot to be fair, we got a 5k week

player of limited ability to coin a phrase.

When we spent lavishly on players wages we left ibrox and had plenty to discuss,

unfortunately in Mr blacks case it was mainly petulance we discussed.

As we embark on the second part on the road to recovery the question is when

we do return to the top flight do we stick and watch mediocre players?Or do we

twist and bring in much better quality?

Hopefully our powers to be have a more solid business blueprint than the minted


This should allow us to twist and hit 21 as referred to 22.


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Would like to see a few more goals, think they will come, saw the pic of Aird, he looks to have put on a bit of muscle in the off season.

I thought that too. He looks in good shape. Hopefully it helps improve his performances too.

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I don't think its that straight forward.

It's obviously high for Div 2 but given our fan base it should be affordable. And let's not forget, in most cases, were hoping these players succeed and are with us for when we go to the top flight.

I'm more concerned, re money situation, that players we move on , do so at a bigger profit . I think that's an area we could improve on .

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