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Fifa 14 - Nxt Gen Realistic Sliders


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Released last week for PS4 and available this week for XBOX One, the next gen version of FIFA 14 does not disappoint. Thanks to the huge boost in horsepower brought on by the new systems, FIFA 14 not only looks better, it plays what I feel to be the finest version of virtual football ever created for a console. Yes, it is that good! Gone are the days when your AI teammates just stood around waiting for you to control them, and gone also are the days of brain dead CPU opponents. This is FIFA 14 at it’s absolute best and if you’re even a casual fan of The Beautiful Game, I recommend that you run to your nearest game shop to pick up a copy.

OK, now that I’ve bored you to tears, here are the sliders. Remember, one game/one half does not make a slider set, anything can happen in one game. Give the set a good play through a minimum of 10-15 games. If you still consistently notice issues please feel free to comment about it and let me know what you’re seeing. All comments are welcomed, good bad or indifferent and any insight you guys can offer will only help make this a better set.

So without further ado, here you go!


Game Settings

Half Length: 15 Minutes

Difficulty: World Class(Legendary works as well)

Game Speed: Slow

Controls: Full Manual(A Must)

Slider Settings


Sprint: 44/44

Acceleration: 46/46

Shot Error: 54/54

Pass Error: 51/60

Shot Speed: 50/50

Pass Speed: 53/53

Injury Frequency: 75/89

Injury Severity: 35/35

GK Ability: 51/51

Marking: 48/48

Run Frequency: 50/50

Line Height: 50/50

Line Length: 51/51

Line Width: 55/55

Fullbacks: 54/54

First Touch: 50/50

Power Bar (Human Only): User Preference

Roll on tomorrow!

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Why can't FIFA fine tune it themselves? Looks like a lot of fucking about to be done

I don't know but the option is there if you find the default settings not to your liking, maybe you will find the defauly settings perfect.

It's all about preference, at least it gives users the option to tweak to their choice.

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