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Kingdom Come: Deliverance (for fans of skyrim, witcher, dark souls)


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A realistic first person medieval hardcore RPG.. So no magic or dragons. The freedom of Skyrim, the story telling of the Witcher, the setting of Mount and Blade and the tough combat of Dark Souls.

They weren't able to find a publisher because this game isn't COD or a F2P mobile game. so they went to kickstarter to show their financial backers that demand is out there. They met their target within a day... Watch the trailer below and see for yourself.

Will be released on PC but they are also hoping to release on the PS4 and the Xbox One.. if you want to play this game tell everyone you know about it. Unless this game gets public backing it won't be released... For those thinking if they can't get a publisher it must be crap. Bare in mind the people who are saying there's no demand for this game are the same people who said the PS4 and Xbox One would fail because console gaming was dead.

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Looks brilliant. I've spent an unholy amount of hours in Mount & Blade: Warband. This may very well be the same.

No magic or dragons sound good, Why does everything need to be medieval? Give us an RPG set in current times.

"You manage to fix the photocopier at work. You gain 25xp"

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