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Ferries belt - Rangers get a mention

Carsons Dog

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A lot of kids', now adults, would say that it taught them to be cautious about inflicting pain on others, as it made them respect others' pain, as they knew what pain was.

Today, it seems that kids' are more protected from this type of punishment, and some would say they should bring it back. In my experience, some of us deserved the belt, at times, and it made you stop and think, fuck this, that was sore, I better behave myself.

But sure as hell, after the break, back up to the "headie" for more of the same. Did it do me any good?. Did it fuck. Just made me mad. I hated the belt, but couldn't avoid it at times. thank fuck it's gone now, kids' will be better off without it. :7325:

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FFS everybody got the belt back then.

Although looking back now I think some teachers enjoyed using it just a little too much. Still remember one day in Primary 3 the teacher lined up everyone who got the answer to a particular question wrong, and belted us. Some wee lassies were in hysterics.

These days I wouldn't be happy at the idea of an adult hitting my kids with a thick leather strap, although there's no doubt discipline in schools is deplorable and getting worse.

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