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The Forgotten Ones - Part 2


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My first interview had made the old gent something of a media focus – something in his words had re-kindled within a nation a desire to re-discover their sense of identity – to re-visit where they had come from and what they stood for, the values and principles which their forefathers stood for and, had displayed the courage to fight and die for. Values and principles, sadly long forgotten.

Perhaps it was the curiosity of a secular society which had caused so much interest in my original interview with the old gent – in an almost bizarre reversal of the Godly man tempted by the ways of the world – or perhaps it was a thirst on the part of today’s Rangers supporters, to learn of their club and its support from a sympathetic viewpoint, after years of very one sided and less than complimentary commentators.

Whatever it was, my first article had caused something of a media and populous frenzy for more. The old gent had rejected them all, leaving a thirsty nation unquenched.

I was therefore astonished when my editor told me the old gent had agreed to undertake a follow up interview with myself. I made a solemn vow to myself to extend my gratitude to him as soon as we met.

As I approached his garden on a cold winter’s morning, I rehearsed my carefully prepared speech of gratitude for our greeting. I expected his garden, which had been a mass of red white and blue flowers on my first visit last summer, to be colourless, in keeping with all others in the street. I should have known better.

Even from a distance I could see it – a vibrancy of red blue and white. Closer inspection revealed a careful selection of pansies, violas and primulae carefully nourished and cherished, giving a resplendent explosion of red blue and white. On a cold grey winter’s morning they were like a light shining amongst the darkness…a victory against all the odds nature could throw at them. How fitting.

As I knocked his door I stood waiting rehearsing my speech…awaiting the opportunity to deliver on a vow I hade made to myself in my editor’s office.

However the warmth of his welcome as he answered the door knocked me back..and dashed my hopes of fulfilling my vow as he greeted me like a long lost brother with genuine affection. He took hold of my arm invited me in and then proceeded to thank me for the journalistic accuracy of my original interview. Not for the first time in this old gent’s presence humility swept over me, and I felt myself swallowing hard to suppress a lump within my throat.

As we entered the living room nothing had changed…everything was as it was on my first visit…memorabilia and pictures of a bygone age. I explained the reason for my follow up visit – to learn more about those known as the forgotten ones of the Rangers support – and he intimated he would be happy to oblige – but first …tea.

As he left to make us tea however he invited me to review a cabinet in the corner I had not noticed before. As he excused himself I was left alone to explore the glass corner cabinet.

The shelves were like a photographic history book – simple photographs bound in leather frames – faithfully maintained. Pictures and signatures of the heroes of yesteryear and significant events in Rangers FC’s proud history. But more than that. There were pictures of the “heroes†I came to ask him about.

Pictures of ordinary people carrying the banners of their identity. The Union Flags…the saltires…the flags professing solemn allegiance to Queen Elizabeth the 2nd. And then there were the wonderful banners….dedications from a support full of respect…of gratitude...a support that cherishes the values of loyalty and dedication. “I played for the team I loved†…â€We welcome the chaseâ€â€¦.â€We’ve got the battle fever onâ€

Suddenly my grandfather’s stories came alive in those pictures. I found myself gazing in admiration at pictures of ordinary people expressing values long forgotten…but very much needed today.

And then my eye was caught by the bottom shelf….almost hidden away from view….as if not important compared to the memorabilia of Rangers FC.

I suspect this was deliberate.

For there stood a couple of pictures of the old gent in the prime of his youth…in his full military uniform. Beside his pictures were rows of medals and amongst them I recognised both the both the military cross and military medal. Each medal bore his name. It’s probably significant that amongst them was the Long Service Medal.

A life dedicated to the service and values of this country…of upholding the values of freedom of speech and upholding truth without question…full of honour and courage…and yet…castigated…almost outlawed…by those who have never fought…who lack in courage honour or conviction.

As he brought through tea we sat and chatted for an eternity. And then I bade him his leave promising to return.

When he asked “ But don’t you have an interview to do ?â€

I answered “ I have seen and heard everything I need to knowâ€

And now for this journalist – the delivery of a solemn vow.


So long as people like this old gent live and breathe, we will be troubled by their existence. Their steadfastness, truthfulness, loyalty and courage serve as a constant reminder of what we could be. They live by the old ways…and cherish the old values…values which our society has cast aside – truth can be replaced by spin – loyalty by society’s current flavour of the month – faithfulness by cynicism – honour by self preservation irrespective of the cost.

They are like ancient warriors living by ancient codes.

And as such they are easy to marginalise…to ridicule…to vilify…and this has been done successfully.

But what will not go away is what they stand for…the values and principles which they uphold…they have an almost timeless…spiritual quality.

They will not go away. They will continue to be our conscience. They will not surrender.

They claim….â€We are the people of God and of the Queenâ€â€¦.

I believe them.

(A reporter)

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d artagnan what another fantastic post your talents are wasted, and im pleased we have fans like you to remember us what we are all about, i will copy part two and put it away until my grandson is old enough to understand, and instruct him, when he is older and has a family to pass it on to his children and,it will end up getting passed on to generation to generation, and make sure our history will never be forgotten. :clap:

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