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Eck the bear

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Has anyone any info on this? I emailed the club a few weeks ago and they told me a subscription would be available and to keep checking the website, still nothing doing with two games played at Ibrox and they have taken to the Whyte and pre Whyte system of ignoring emails.

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I asked about it yesterday, and it's not good news. :(

It looks like the Club won't be offering the annual subscription this season.

I think I heard something about the Printers maybe supplying the annual subscription directly, but no details yet.

I didn't get the full story cos it was too busy. I'll try to get more info soon.

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The content is excellent as usual, I think the design choice on the cover for the first two has been quite strange, but different which is good and I really hope it does continue in this vein, really quite arty, i'm into that kind of thing, looking forward to our historians excellent input again this season.

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Thought you guys would like to know that Rangers are now providing a matchday programme subscription for season 15-16 via the club's website. £49.99 for the season if you are UK based.

Cheers mate. (tu)

I was in the TO today, but forgot to ask about it. No need to now. (tu)

Here's the link for anyone that's interested...


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If we aren't offering a subscription for a physical copy would it not be an idea for us to offer a PDF version?

Disappointed if we have stopped the subscription model as I know some people on here had set up subscriptions for Erskine

Luckily, the subscription is back, so the RM Erskine Fund will be renewing our 5 subscriptions shortly. (tu)


For anyone interested:

The £49.99 subscription gets you all Home Programmes printed in the season - friendlies, cup games, league games, large-format special edition programmes. All of them.

So if we do well in the 3 Cups, and get a few Home ties, you can end up getting more than 20 programmes delivered to your door for that £49.99

That's only about £2 per programme, including postage!

Oh, and when you sign up, you get all the ones that you've missed sent out to you too, so you're guaranteed to end up with the full season's collection, in pristine condition.

I have a feeling this year may be a popular year for collectors in the future. :sherlock:

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Might get this when i get paid i take it you can still subscribe even when the season has started.. i take it the price still stays the same tho?

Just read above you get all of them even if you have not subscribed from the start defiantly doing this (tu)

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