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Raith Rovers At Home/season Tickets


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Why wont it allow me to buy a ST or a ticket for the Copland Rear for Raith Rovers? I'm trying to either get a ST, or at least a ticket for Raith Rovers for the wee man and take him to his second ever game, I refuse to believe the entire Copland Road has no season tickets left whatsoever, so what are they playing at exactly by not allowing us to buy tickets there?

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TBH mate, I was looking for a season ticket in the Copland Rear the day after they went on public sale & there was very limited availability way back then. I couldn't even get two tickets together, so they might well be sold out.

I got 3 together in copland rear a week before season started cr5
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You can't buy a ST if the non ST seat has been purchased for the next home game.

Just to clarify - that's for the Online Ticket Sales.

You can buy it if you go in person to the Ticket Office. They'll give you a paper ticket for an alternative seat for the sold game.

I'm not sure about telephone sales though.

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