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My walk with the dog...


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I got chatting to the man who drives me to Ibrox on my walk with my dog, Rino:

He said:

Beasley: Great signing, I agree - brings much needed pace

Naismith: I said its making us a laughing stock and he replied ' We already were/are'

McCulloch: I said that it wasn't good news as he wasn't very skilful but he said that he is the type of player as he will give his all and would work much harder than Boyd. I said 'The bottom line is that Boyd scores goals if he's given the service' and I was given a reply that KB would get a lot more goals if he had a better first touch and could link up at all' and this made me think that big Lee might not be that bad a signing after all, would suit the SPL with being big and strng and would offer a better option to lead the line if WS goes with 1 man upfront, in Europe or in Tollcross.

Could I have the gall to suggest Lee and Kris Boyd up front together? Marko and Coisty like?

He also said to keep an eye on Sebo as he'd lost a good bit of weight. I still wasn't convinced.

Ps/ I'm pretty convinced that Lee is coming after reading a David Provan column that said he'd reently bought a house in Bothwell but I'm certainly not claiming any inside knowledge on this signing

What you think?

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a said that few days ago, thats Sebo is lookin in great shape, u can tell he is trying to better himself for the season ahead and this is make or break for him!

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Good post Boab.... with much food for thought.

Its quite clear very few Bears are getting excited about the probable signing of LM - but then again very few of us are either football managers nor do we know what Wattie has in mind for the team.... formation and tactics wise.

Perhaps we should trust Wattie's judgment - he has a clear idea in his mind what he wants and what is required player wise. He didn't lead us to NIAR by getting it wrong more times than he got it right....nor was it just good fortune that he managed to turn round a shambolic Scotland side into a team which restored a nation's pride in itself - a team which of course LM was very much a part of.

I would be the fist to admit that LM does not set the heather on fire for me - but I trust Wattie's judgement.

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Id agree with most of that but I'm hoping we dont pay 2.5m for LM as I think thats well over the odds. I'm hoping weve budgeted about 3m for the combined signings of him and Naismith and when we agree a fee of around 1.5 for LM then well put the other 1.5m towards Naismith.

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