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My favourite quotes from the players etc

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Can't be bothered posting all the article but here's my favourite two Davis quotes from the Evening Times:

Davis on JCD:

He had that look on his face as I got ready to send it over, the one that only striker's have.

"They give you that look that they'll kill you if the ball's not right!

Davis on Whittaker:

"We were all watching him thinking What's he going to do next'," laughed Davis. "Some of the boys were screaming for him to pass to big Daniel Cousin.


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mine was, PASS TO FUCKIN COUSIN, NOW NOW NOW, GO OAN URSELF SON PUT IT AWAY, YYYYYYASSSSSSS (jumps about crazy with my 3 mates goin absolutely mental)

PS EK Punters in pubs are shite fur a singsong honestly! get them telt craigeee and Kev, f*ck sake! :willy: doh

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