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a step nearer

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Well a step nearer guys and jeez did we need it , I did notice a marked difference in the players after we scored ( or is that just me )

a huge well done to all the team as the fans at ibrox were nervous but vocally supportive as normal , the team buckled down and got the result.

did you see big watty going mental at the 4 minutes extra time , pure passion , pure pride a true blue bear , I for one do not doubt that all the other games will be tight , but the guys will win through .

huge boost having charlie back and to hear McCulloch and DeBeasley could be back along with big Alan , could this all just be coming together at the right time ??

the diddies at the spl may just have given us a huge boost .

good to see Dick back last night hope you all feel the same , think he knows we will be a different proposition against him

what you think guys

:bouncy: :rangers: :unionflag: :bouncy: :rangers: :unionflag:

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I do hope DMB and Alan, Charlie come back soon but not Lee, he is very rarely helpful.

And I've certainly seen worse performances this season.

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