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Rangers FC Big Brother - Round One - Matchup 4

Rangers FC Big Brother  

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  1. 1. Who goes packing....

    • Thomas Buffel
    • Steven Naismith

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Every Monday and Wednesday and Friday and Sunday, two players will be put up randomly to be voted out of the Rangers FC Big Brother household.

The two names will be placed as a poll (above) where us members will have to vote off which of the two we would like to sending packing out of the RFC house. The only catch is this. You must write your reason for picking one player or the other. The member who gives the best reasoning in a post for their decision will with the Power of Murray which will allow them to veto a choice and put up another player.

1 GK Allan McGregor

3 DF David Weir (vice-captain)

4 FW Thomas Buffel

5 DF Saša Papac - survives Round 1

6 MF Barry Ferguson - Survives Round 1

7 MF Brahim Hemdani

8 MF Kevin Thomson

9 FW Kris Boyd

10 FW Nacho Novo

11 MF Charlie Adam - transfered to Tottenham

15 MF Alan Gow

16 GK Graeme Smith

17 MF Chris Burke

18 FW Steven Naismith

19 FW Jean-Claude Darcheville

20 MF DaMarcus Beasley - survives Round 1

21 DF Kirk Broadfoot

23 DF Christian Dailly

24 DF Carlos Cuéllar

25 GK Neil Alexander

26 DF Steven Smith - transfered to Toronto FC

27 FW Lee McCulloch

28 MF Steven Whittaker

29 FW Daniel Cousin

?? DF Andy Webster

?? FW Kenny Miller - transfered to St. Johnstone

* Please accept this for what it is, a bit of fun.

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its like sending the useless housemate out when there's a half dead one doing nothing in the other room

But naisy's ace and he'll be better next next season, so cya Buffel :)

easiest decision so far ^ (Forgot to vote round 3)

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