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The hokey cokey?


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There is an on going RC agenda going on in this country.

There is less than one million of the fuckers. Less than 20% of the population.

Yet they have risen to power in the national and local government, the police, the press, the broadcasting media, the fiscals service, the social services etc etc.

They are demonising everything British and Presvytarian.

The Union Flag is now seen as sectarian, the RHoU flag is treated like a fucking swastika.

God Save the Queen being boo'd at Hampden is regarded as acceptable. The Billy Boys is banned.

We are being dicrated to by a shower of cunts who cant be trusted to shut the fuck up for 1 minute to honour the war dead by a mob who send 5 year old kids to an apartheid schooling system and who worship a member of Hitler Youth.

This Country needs to wake the fuck up before its too late.

God Save our Queen.

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