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  1. Can nominee directors appoint new directors?
  2. To think we funded this deal. Utter paracites
  3. For some, It must be really Embarrassing to read this thread back
  4. Fuck him I'd throw them off and call his bluff on the loans
  5. Leach and llambias were appointed by mash were they not? Did the previous statement to stock exchange not confirm this when our board tried to indicate llambias was the best interviewed candidate for CEO job rather than a nominee?
  6. Dry your eyes bill. You've backed the wrong horse
  7. Dry your eyes
  8. Money Money Money Rangers are a cash cow
  9. aye it's nothing to do with easdale and Ashley and corporate rape. It's all king fault.
  10. No comprimises Fuck them. They've done enough damage.
  11. One of them just has. Are you even reading the same story as the rest ? Delusional
  12. Lol They're all fucking useless injured. Ashleys just cleared his physio bay at NUFC. Thanks so much Mike. They'd have been aswell signing me on loan. Imagine signing an injured player, in fact imagine signing 3 injured players and 1 who isn't match fit and gets injured after 20mins. Our board are the way fwd right enough Jesus wept
  13. Which were............
  14. Is it difficult for someone with a majority shareholding to come out and outline his plans for a footbal club? Say.... Newcastle and Mike Ashley, he doesn't address the Newcastle fans either. You really need to have a rethink about about the whole ownership scenario and look at all the facts again. Dont just back ashley because "he's a pure gazzilionaire!"