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  1. You cany just turn up Cos you’ve been vaccinated: lol:
  2. What server is it you connect to for American Netflix with surfshark
  3. What deal did you get with Surfshark? How much you paying and for how many months?
  4. They might say naw now that you’ve washed them
  5. https://shop.rangers.co.uk/collections/players-training/products/mens-black-gold-1-4-zip the added it back but now with sponsorship
  6. Anyone any update on when the new zipper is going back on sale?
  7. Saw it online 1h ago. Tried to buy it rn and it’s pulled again. Raging
  8. Thought he was very, very good. He was thrown in to mix it up. He done well with his headers and hold up play
  9. This sounds good. I'm interested if you still sell these. I know this thread is old someone post a pic of the seat
  10. Here for the diddies, we're only here for the diddies
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