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  1. One thing for sure is he and davis cannot play in the same midfield
  2. What’s the people’s plans then who haven’t or aren’t planning on getting the vaccine but have season tickets? I’m in the same boat and no idea what to do. Especially after having covid and now having to potentially wait 10 weeks to get everything done
  3. He definitely needs game time. Too early to right him off
  4. This picture hurts. Not Gona lie
  5. Wonder who the 4-5 that’ll be back will be
  6. So we have a full squad on Sunday defo?
  7. Who gets first dibs for cup final tickets? St holders or mygers?
  8. Ordered it soon as I got the email that day. Still no got my 2...
  9. What’s your email and password? We’ll try this end
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