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  1. Friends of Phil

    A thoroughly excellent piece of work. Can we not find a way to have this printed in the mainstream media? Surely there are still Rangers friendly publications out there.
  2. Kilmarnock fans - we know where their loyalties lie

    I used to quite like Kilmarnock and it's supporters,  but the truth is they are worse than the Scum and should feel ashamed of themselves.
  3. We Will Never Forget.

    Always in our thoughts, our brothers and our sister in Blue, whose lives were ended so cruelly that day. To absent friends. RTID.
  4. Nae Luck Stubbsy !

    If you wanted folk to gie you peace maybe you should stop responding to what they post.
  5. Nae Luck Stubbsy !

    If you wanted folk to gie you peace maybe you should stop responding to what they post.
  6. Nae Luck Stubbsy !

    Should I know who you are? Do you have a sign round yer neck letting everyone know who and what you are.? Maybe you should.
  7. Nae Luck Stubbsy !

    Tell you what boycotters, you make light about your Mum in laws condition all you like, but don't make judgement about others who have either been through or have loved ones going through the battle. It's got fuck all to do with Pc and everything to do with being a decent human being. If anyone is being a bawbag today it's you ya tadger.
  8. Nae Luck Stubbsy !

  9. Nae Luck Stubbsy !

  10. Nae Luck Stubbsy !

    The posters who are using Stubbs cancer as a means of making a point need to take serious look at themselves and take stock of what they have said. Stubbs is a total and complete cunt, but he's no more a cunt than those who find cancer amusing.
  11. Would You Have Him Back?

  12. A very, very fine piece of work. If only our Club spokesmen were as good at arguing the Club's position.
  13. "build Bridges With Scottish Football"

    Fuck the lot of them I despise every one of them. We need to play them but that's it,not one penny of my money will go to any club except Rangers.
  14. Rangers Fans And The Scottish National Team...

    Why would I want to support an team who's supporters actually hate Rangers? I supported Scotland (I mean going to games) until maybe 15 years ago when the wankers in the Tartan Army became too much to take. I just couldn't accept the Anti-English xenophobia and the general hatred of anything British. So I'm sorry, but Fuck the SFA and Fuck the Tartan Army. Only room in my life for one football side and that's Rangers.
  15. "we Are Coming"

    We are still in a much much better place than when McCoist was doing his best to fuck us up as a football side. We always knew that defensively we were liable to to get caught out, as happened last night. Having said that, I still thought some if our football was pretty good and on another night we might have scored at least 2 more goals. Our name is on the League Cup so many times we virtually own the fucking thing anyway. We are definitely going in the right direction, so no panic about one result.