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  1. The tactics arn't the problem nor is the team formation in my opinion. Where we are dropping points are from individual players making mistakes either by poor marking, being dispossessed, shocking passing at times or, as was evident today , a mixture of the above, coupled with bad luck. I'm sure none of Mark Warburtons prematch instructions included the players marking like fuds , as in first goal. I still believe our team has the ability and commitment to progress in the league and that we will gain second place by the end of the season. RTID.
  2. Tell you what mate, the only pitiful thing is that you could only summon up a single word reply in response to sincere and deeply held concerns, which you clearly don't share. Perhaps you consider yourself to be a mark above the rest on this forum given some of your responses to other posts. Maybe you could give me a point by point response to the concerns outlined in my original post, assuming of course you don't consider it be beneath your clearly superior intelligence.
  3. We live in a Scotland, where unless you are part of the SNP cult you will not have a voice or any value within the Country of your birth. As Unionist Protestants we are are in the unfortunate position of being doubly disadvantaged and we will be marginalised even more because we choose a different viewpoint from the Tartan Fascists, who see us as second class citizens who are in the way of their march to the New Scotland created in their image. I know this is probably too political for the Bears Den , but it is too important an issue not to be commented on. We, as a group, are under real threat from those who would happily see us ceasing to exist and I for one will be standing by my Faith and my National Identity in the coming days weeks and years. God Bless the Rangers God Save the Queen
  4. Filthy mhanky bastards.
  5. Both
  6. Thanks guys.
  7. A thoroughly excellent piece of work. Can we not find a way to have this printed in the mainstream media? Surely there are still Rangers friendly publications out there.
  8. I used to quite like Kilmarnock and it's supporters, but the truth is they are worse than the Scum and should feel ashamed of themselves.
  9. Hivs and Stokes are well matched. Both are scum
  10. Always in our thoughts, our brothers and our sister in Blue, whose lives were ended so cruelly that day. To absent friends. RTID.
  11. If you wanted folk to gie you peace maybe you should stop responding to what they post.
  12. If you wanted folk to gie you peace maybe you should stop responding to what they post.
  13. Should I know who you are? Do you have a sign round yer neck letting everyone know who and what you are.? Maybe you should.
  14. Tell you what boycotters, you make light about your Mum in laws condition all you like, but don't make judgement about others who have either been through or have loved ones going through the battle. It's got fuck all to do with Pc and everything to do with being a decent human being. If anyone is being a bawbag today it's you ya tadger.