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  1. It's was the ref I also thought
  2. Sky have said the player isn't signing for us
  3. I didn't get an email either, just logged onto my Rangers account and I purchased 2 tickets for me and my kid.
  4. I couldn't tick the box either, they never send me out renewal forms, they only send one out for my kid, so I go to the TO and renew both each year, and I have said loads of times about it and still it hasn't worked. But that's the first ballot in years I haven't got a ticket.
  5. That's what I thought, but I had to log in and try anyway.
  6. Yes you have tickets you lucky sod. 😀
  7. Yea me too, thats me logged on 3 times same message but cannot buy.
  8. My online account says I have been successful in the ballot but I can't buy them.
  9. I have the same thing. But I didn't get an email
  10. Me either. Me either.
  11. Yea BBC1
  12. Is there nothing in the club deck.
  13. The last time I was their ,it was the metal support beams that blocked your view, you just have to move your head a bit.
  14. We should have scored 8 and maybe they could have another goal in the first 20 minutes.
  15. What a fantastic game,I haven't seen Rangers pass the ball like that in years. The bookies are fucked this year we could loose 3 but score 7