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  1. Thursdays Ballot

    I couldn't tick the box either, they never send me out renewal forms, they only send one out for my kid, so I go to the TO and renew both each year, and I have said loads of times about it and still it hasn't worked. But that's the first ballot in years I haven't got a ticket.
  2. Thursdays Ballot

    That's what I thought, but I had to log in and try anyway.
  3. Thursdays Ballot

    Yes you have tickets you lucky sod. 😀
  4. Thursdays Ballot

    Yea me too, thats me logged on 3 times same message but cannot buy.
  5. Thursdays Ballot

    My online account says I have been successful in the ballot but I can't buy them.
  6. Thursdays Ballot

    I have the same thing. But I didn't get an email
  7. Thursdays Ballot

    Me either. Me either.
  8. St Johnstone Email

    Yea BBC1
  9. Main Stand Restricted View

    Is there nothing in the club deck.
  10. Main Stand Restricted View

    The last time I was their ,it was the metal support beams that blocked your view, you just have to move your head a bit.
  11. Stubbs - "that Wasn't A 6-2 Game"

    We should have scored 8 and maybe they could have another goal in the first 20 minutes.
  12. *** The Official Hibernian Vs Rangers Match Thread ***

    What a fantastic game,I haven't seen Rangers pass the ball like that in years. The bookies are fucked this year we could loose 3 but score 7
  13. Fixtures Changed For Tv..

    Moving our first game of the season to a Friday night is bang out of order.
  14. Rangers Dad's

    Took my kid to a pre season friendly first, he got board in the second half. Think he was 3 at the time. Then we went to a few games each year then by primary 7 we got a ST and still do, in fact now in 4 year at school and he's just asked me if I'm getting tickets for the Peterhead game.
  15. Petrofac Training Cup Round 1 Draw

    Some start to the season, we've been handed.Bring it on.