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  1. This was the last piece of the Q&A from the times article. It seems to suggest that the big tax case was £74 million. Then that they have dropped £24m penalty claim. Leaving £50 million. So what is the Principal sum of £36.6 million? Is that 50 million less the interest charges? I am struggling to see where the Times have dug up these numbers from and decided on a £20m tax exposure. Is there more info behind the pay wall? This all feels really unusual and the cynic in me wonders what is going on.
  2. Yes. Which is when this info came out.
  3. Ermmm. Why is no one reading this 🤔
  4. This is to be highlighted. this “news” isn’t going to change anything. Whyte took us into admin. He didn’t have to do that. He chose to. Yes it was in the face of the boogie man 100m tax exposure of the BTC but he still chose it.
  5. Nothing will come of it. I am actually now questioning why there is such a fuss about this. Look, HMRC relentlessly pursued us for the EBT case, And I am certain Dr Death was the main protagonist, they are now coming out and saying oh it was probably miscalculated in terms of the exposure. I am sure that was the plan from the beginning but That’s the end of it. Everything that happened after that is all consequential. Their view will be we still inappropriately avoided tax (despite being professionally advised) and thereafter we withheld VAT. Our owner voluntarily took us into admin. They basically laid out a massive trap and Whyte walked right into it This is all meaningless nonsense. It was a stitch up then, it is stitch up now it will be a stitch up forever. our government and our footballing authorities tried to kill us. They failed.
  6. The times article seems to suggest that a reasonable resolution was back payment of tax to the tune of 2 million per year the EBTs were used. Less if they were willing to take 50p on the pound which was not uncommon At a time we had debt of 18 million with Lloyd’s, a £20m tax bill would have been manageable and £10 million settlement (which minty offered) would have been a skoosh. I repeat. None of this is news. We were screwed. Then we were victims of a crime, then we were punished for being subject to that crime and even then as a club our response was defiance and “fuck you we will rise again”
  7. Another thing. If I read correctly they are not saying the EBTs were acceptable. They are saying the consequences for using them were not as great as they said they were. as others are saying, the obstinance of HMRC to not only come after us unusually aggressively but to exaggerate the consequences led to a chain of events. That chain of events having been instigated cannot be challenged really. Murray sold to shyster, shyster drew a line in the sand over the BTC creating a secondary, small tax case, decided to thumb his nose at HMRC and take the club into admin likely expecting HMRC to relent. They didn’t . The rest is history.... This was a very basic stitch up there is not even a huge number of people involved in it. All that was required was for John Reid to insist that HMRC be unrelenting in pursuit of Rangers. These rest fell into place nicely. there is nothing more to say. There is no path to undoing what was done, we cannot undo being kicked out of the league, we cannot undo that players refused to TUPE over, we cannot undo that our weakness allowed the circling sharks to devour what was left, we can’t get the Arsenal shares back, We can’t undo signing Kevin Kyle, we can’t undo any of the chain reaction that was set off by HMRC. There is no point in reviving oldco, it creates more trouble than its worth. RFC is alive and well and almost back to where we belong. It would be great if HMRC are taken to the cleaners and high profile heads roll but they won’t, we all know it. So in the meantime let’s focus on beating every bit of shite in our way and taking back our dominance
  8. So. I have read this thread which I am sure is going to run to hundreds of pages and the one thing I am really surprised about is how few people already knew this. Or at least connected the dots I thought this was widely understood. I cant stand folk that say I told you so and I am not going to do it now. But I did think that much larger proportion of our fan base already knew that we were the victims of a campaign instigated by John Reid. Firstly We were given solid tax advice that EBTs were a legitimate tax avoidance method. that was advice from people respected and reputed to give us that advice. Secondly when it was retrospectively decided it wasn’t legitimate we offered to settle with HMRC as they had done many times before but in our case they decided not to? Everyone knows this was a stitch up right? Everyone knew at the time surely? The inflated figures we were told at the time constituted significant fines which again were trumped up nonsense. Murray told us this and told us he would fight it and told us he had every confidence he would win. Murray is many things but an idiot he is not. what happened next enraged me at the time. Never been so angry. But this was 2012. my anger hardened me and turned to hatred for Scottish football and in particular the machinations going on behind the scenes driven by Dr Death. 7 years on and now it’s being reported exactly as we “conspiracy theorists” said at the time . I can’t get angry about it anymore. We won. The club was sold as a going concern with All assets and full history in tact. RFC was never a company and to consider it as such is to buy into the Taigs narrative. We were the victims of conspiracy and crime and we, the fans, saved the club. Our record turn outs saved the club. I will be fucking amazed if there are ANY repercussions from this. the very fact it is being reported as a “blunder“ or a “mistake“ is disingenuous in the extreme. We have seen how corrupt this country is for the last 10 years. Do you honestly think this changes anything? It’s still corrupt. I have lost all faith in the “establishment” it’s filled with Taigs. This news, while perhaps some mild comfort that we weren’t all tin foil hat conspiracy nuts, changes nothing. In fact as someone else said they will be sitting smug in the knowledge that it will all blow over just like the peodophile ring they nurtured. win 55 and dominate this cesspit is the only compensation I am looking for
  9. I don’t believe for a second that Gerrard is going anywhere (except Liverpool) until his job here is done. He doesn’t do this for the money. He is a global icon with a net worth of 90 million and rising. He is doing this for the love of it and for the challenge. He will undoubtedly move on at some stage but not until either Liverpool come calling or he can’t take us any further and as Klopp loves Liverpool, I can’t see him going anywhere in the next few years that being said when he does inevitably go he will be taking his full team with him and that’s a real problem that we need to be planning for from now
  10. Goldson and Helander are both 26 years old. They have a good 6-10 years of football in them. I don’t see Katic and Edmundson hanging about on the bench waiting for their future to arrive. I think both are too good to not be playing regularly. I worry how we keep all these CBs happy now as Gerrard (rightly) has slowed down the rotation he was using to bed in Helander
  11. Aye. He was good today. But I think his pace is going to be a problem at some point. His reading of the game seems to be overcoming it but at some point someone is going to do him for pace. Every week he proves me wrong I will be a happy bear.
  12. We have been quality today in the face of an absolute shambles of a side that have no interest in playing football.
  13. This is like a home match with the Rangers fans constant singing. Brilliant.
  14. More than any other decision that we could make as a country the decision to ban plastic pitches would be the biggest step forward
  15. On this shitey surface, against utter hammer throwing dross. Is this even the same game.
  16. Even by their usual hammer throwing standards they are excelling themselves.
  17. Just came in to the match thread because I had a negative comment and this is the place for it. Helander is too slow
  18. Great discussion and it’s a good debatable point. I would say Prso but as I was reading through the posts, all that kept coming back to me is that Morelos is 23. 23 for fuck sake. Alfredo Morelos is the best 23 year old we have had since........ Barry Ferguson?
  19. its a mentality.... I am deeply concerned about the psychology of our players....
  20. Staunch. i am a 3/4 wit as I wanted 15 million for him. He was a loose canon last year and let us down on a few occasions. He has turned himself around in a way that really didn’t look possible. His discipline is unrecognisable but more than that he now plays for the team whereas last year he played for himself. He has gone up a couple of levels as a result and is twice the player we had last year. the arrival of Defoe I believe has had a major impact on him But gold star for you for being so foresighted. Well done.
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