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  1. What I have confirmed through this process is the following; - lockdowns are a bad time to frequent forums - football should be played on a pitch - corruption is pervasive and justice is rarely done
  2. Fuck all else to do but wait and see but I know your post history and I am intrigued that you think this will land in anything other than that lot being awarded the title.
  3. What have I missed? is Doncaster no longer in Pete’s pocket? McLennan? MacKenzie? It’s all stitched up. Who is bringing it down and just btw what is Robertson actually saying AT these board meetings ? Because he is being presented by McLennan as being a bit of a shitebag.
  4. I’m sorry but having spent a fair amount of time in lockdown reading up on everything that has transpired I can’t see how this ends well for us. highlighting corruption only matters when the corrupt are in the minority. surely to fuck we learned back in 2012 that the whole fucking system is rigged. In the intervening 8 years do you honestly think that all that corruption has weakened? No. It’s strengthened. I will be utterly astonished if this ends any other way than the Taigs as champions. I think the compromise will be no promotions or relegations. But the prize money handed out on current standings and the record books capturing the final standings. Taigs in CL next season everything else swept under the carpet. it could well be that Doncaster falls on his sword and another puppet is dragged from somewhere to take his place while Doncaster goes on to serve on a Non exec board somewhere anyone expecting any other outcome is, I fear, naive.
  5. This is a wonderful moment of clarity.
  6. Bakbear


    There was a guy tampering with his fucking car. You can be as mentally strong as you want but that’s going to mess with your head
  7. You are very welcome. I thought it was helpful in order for your “a reporter IS a journalist” to be clarified into “a reporter is a specific role in journalism” Kind of like the guy who cleans the toilet is a specific role in Facilities Management.
  8. https://work.chron.com/difference-between-journalist-reporter-2868.html
  9. I think people are also underestimating the hatred for Rangers. if Alfredo played for celtic he wouldn’t get any of the shit he is getting as a Rangers player. I firmly believe this. We seem to spend a lot of time pointing the finger of xenophobia but the truth is he is hated because he is good and he plays for us. Reporters, like referees, are shit. Just more shit when it comes to Rangers.
  10. Between work and other stuff I haven’t managed to watch a live game from us for a while. This is fucking poor
  11. I am no master tactician but I think the days of formations being fixed are gone aren’t they? Isn’t our current set up more like a very fluid 4-3-3? Like, so fluid to be hard to recognise as 4-3-3? I come from an era of a Rigid 4-4-2. It is my default to consider rigidity in formation but I think football coaches Today don’t really have that mindset. Our tactics seem to be to have our attacking fullbacks get beyond the wingers. The wingers to cut inside and acting like #10s. The midfield 3 dropping back in to fill the gaps Made by the fullbacks getting forward. Having Davis as a fulcrum between central defence and the fluidity in front of them. All so fluid it’s hard to describe in 80s and 90s formation terminology.
  12. I do. I care about 9 to be honest. History books don’t reflect our situation. They just say who were the winners. as for them knowing deep down..... they are ambulance chasing cheating fenian bastards. They would happily steal the fucking trophy and claim they won it. There is fuck all deep down in them other than hatred and bitterness. our manager is not our problem. Our problem remains mentality of our players. The manager is changing that but it takes time to turn perennial losers into winners. I thought we had turned the corner with the win in their dump but it appears there remain weaknesses and my concern is that that fragility seems to exist in our most creative players.
  13. Honest to fuck. Maybe it’s my age or something but I will never understand what is so hard for people to understand about this. Nearly every single poster has said “we weren’t good enough” but that does not detract from the refereeing performance. Yes. The refs in Scotland are utterly utterly shite. They are shite when we watch them and they are shite when we don’t. Every club knows they are shite and every club complains However, if a shite referee gives a shite decision against Rangers, a bunch of our fans start arguing amongst themselves and there is no consequences. If a shite referee gives a shite decision FOR Rangers then he is subjected to condemnation, personal attacks, investigations and the threat of having his windows panned in. Christ it doesn’t even need to be a shite decision. Even a good decision for us is absolutely torn apart. Look at the outrage after we beat them at the paedodome. Some of their fans had the audacity to suggest Clancey was biased towards us. We have actually been cited as a club for our “behaviour” because we had the temerity to beat them. I am a rational, mature adult living overseas and I look at the different treatment of Rangers versus the rest and can’t believe that as a support we actually continue to argue with ourselves about this.
  14. Frankly it’s way too hypothetical. we are still in 3 competitions. The league is looking tougher now but still a lot of football to be played. Scottish cup is definitely winnable and how anyone could watch that league cup final and not see we were the better side I’ll never know. I get it. We lost and winning is all that matters. But that defeat was hardest to take. we came back from Dubai without our captain and our talisman striker. We have failed to turn it back on and it may have cost us the league again but we are still way better off than last season and we are still improving. we need to get back to our December form. If we go through against Braga and pull together a few wins let’s see where we are in April.
  15. I support Rangers. I am agnostic to English teams unless there is a Rangers connection When Walter Smith went to Everton I wanted them to win. There are a few players that have been Everton and Rangers over the years. When there was no real ex Rangers connection in England, I usually wanted Alex Ferguson to do well. Tenuous perhaps but hey ho Since Gerrard joined, and I became more aware of what a top bloke he is, I have wanted Liverpool to do well. You can’t deny the romanticism of Liverpool. It’s a proper football club. Like us, they are united in tragedy. (Man U as well). If not for Gerrard I would have no interest in Liverpool. While he is our manager I will wish them well. If he returns the title to us (which I fully expect him to) then I will likely always wish him well. I expect he will also one day manage Liverpool and assuming nothing happens in the meantime to diminish his achievements as our manager then I will hope he has nothing but success.
  16. He left at 16. He is still only 18. With our current midfield and the pressure to win the title, I don’t believe he would be close to our first team. for me he is just a youth player that chose to move to an EPL club to further his career development. Good luck to him.
  17. made a Few changes. don’t think Kent Or Helander have gone up since we bought them dont rate Goldson Think Barisic Has come on in leaps and bounds this season. Tav is the captain and although I have questioned his mentality, his stats at this stage of his career would suggest a decent fee Aribo is quality, has become a full international since joining us and will get better
  18. Helander gives me the fear with his lack of pace. He seems a decent reader of the game and a calm head at the back and if we didn’t have Katic then I could live with Helander. But we DO have Katic and I don’t believe he deserves to be playing second fiddle to a Goldson Helander partnership. Yes he makes mistakes. But no more than any of the other Centre half’s And probably less. Yes he can be over enthusiastic and try to tackle everything but he also is the youngest so with the most potential growth given experience and good coaching. As others have said, he does not deserve to lose the jersey right now And I really hope he doesn’t.
  19. Could not be more blatant. Honestly I appreciate the call for VAR at a time when we won and cannot be accused of sour grapes ..... but ...... VAR is pish and if refs are going to cheat then VAR will change nothing. our money would be better spent in making refereeing a profession that is regulated by independent authorities. Have professional qualifications and have their livelihoods based on their performance and being held accountable. Have them explain their decisions during the game like in rugby. Have the conversations with the full official team broadcast and transparent. lastly give the refs better protection. They simply cannot be allowed to be bullied and of fans of any club go after a ref they should be charged under harassment laws or something.
  20. I would love for the club to come out and absolutely slaughter the officials from a position of strength. That refereeing performance yesterday was absolutely shocking. It’s well beyond incompetence, we the fans have been saying it for years now and how the Scottish football authorities and MSM can possibly continue to sweep it under the carpet is beyond me. I love Steven Gerrard but unless he is playing some long game 3-D chess on this issue then I am disappointed that he says he has no issue for the second time in a row
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    That would do for me.
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    I believed in him. Also love Katic. What I am starting to realise is that the longer you watch football the more you understand about the game. I thought I had got Morelos wrong but he is sowing some seeds of doubt again. today is a day for positives and I am going to focus on brilliant contributions from Katic, Barisic, McGregor, Davis, Aribo and Kent
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    He is not my favourite centre half but as long as he is alongside Katic I couldn’t GAF
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