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  1. Playing Dumbarnie, Old Course and the Ailsa at Turnberry next week. Cany wait man.
  2. Thought he was a cunt before last night and even more so now. Doesn't come across well at all.
  3. Is this on Rangers TV if you have a season ticket? Never mind looks like Premier
  4. I played a medal Stableford on Sunday. Mark your own score then Pro was putting in the scores after the round into HowDidIDo
  5. I've been using it too for the past few weeks and like it.
  6. Tried to watch a few games since the restart but turned it off after 5 minutes. Pish.
  7. Another scratch 77 today, playing some good stuff. Nett 62. Playing Troon and and the Ailsa at Turnberry next month. Cany wait man.
  8. Scratch 77 the day so a 62 with ma handicap. Best Ive played in ages, hopefully get some sweep money.
  9. Played much better the day, couple birdies and few pars dotted about. Wedges still no there but putting and driver was good.
  10. Going private or some pish? Thats brutal. Never played before but heard its cracking.
  11. 😂😂 fuck it, can only get better hopefully. Where do you play?
  12. 😂😂 fuck sake, a didnt have one par aw day. Ma first dig with the driver went straight up in the air and landed about 20 yards in front of me, utter pish
  13. First round back this afternoon, even worse than expected. Fucking murder
  14. ShanksRFC

    FIFA 20

    I only started playing this in March at start of lockdown, UT is hard as fuck against teams rated about 90 when you are sitting at 86. Back at work now so not played much. I either play 5 games and win 5 or play 5 and lose 5. The matchmaking is a bit of a sham tbh and I'm in division 9, no way some of the people you are matched with are same division.
  15. Sums up our ticket situation tbh, announce renewals while the ticket office is completely closed for people with questions. Extremely poor.
  16. Me and the mrs are still planning on buying a house later this year so I honestly don't think I'm going to afford it. Coupled with the uncertainty of Coronavirus. I have a couple of pals on the waiting list so I might offer it to them for a year or two and see what they say. That way my seat gets kept I suppose.
  17. Another that was made of chocolate, can mind his burd being quite tidy right enough.
  18. Warburton shaking like a shitting dog is no surprise I was surprised to hear Kenny Miller thinking he should have deserved more time in his Si Ferry interview.
  19. ShanksRFC

    FIFA 20

    I'm the same mate, am a fuck buying packs.
  20. Used to follow them a bit when I was younger but couldn't care less these days. They have a good away following but it's full of absolute wankers. That's been seen anytime they have came up here.
  21. Can't see us spending much in todays current climate.
  22. Fuck noes what I'm going to do, I'm supposed to be buying a house later this year and this coronavirus shite isn't helping anything.
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