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  1. Incredible bounce back from the cup final, couldn't have went any better.
  2. Hopefully does well from now and we can get some cash from him from the sell on fee.
  3. Chelsea paid 26.6million to get rid of Antonio Conte and back room staff, fucking mental.
  4. Scottish Cup 5th round is scheduled for 8th of February. Could be into March/April before we have a free slot. Bit of a cunt.
  5. Paul Hogan bent the wire of double 18 last night for a 9 darter.
  6. I thought he would kick on from there tbh, went the opposite.
  7. Thank fuck, Carlos Pena levels of a shite transfer.
  8. Watched a wee bit over the weekend. Venue looks half empty and the lighting and camera filming is horrendous, can't tell if a dart is in treble 20 or not if it is close to the wire.
  9. I've had to block him on Twitter, he is an absolute joke of a man Morelos truly in his head rent free.
  10. I was worried how we would react after the cup final but we have been brilliant.
  11. We are a much better team than them, superb result going into the break.
  12. Anderson fucked it with that missed double in second set. Price looked superb, wish id bet him and mvg final at 5/1 at the start
  13. Got tickets for the old firm game on Sunday in here. Says theres a bar and lounge up the stair, it big or no?
  14. At the end of the season we play the same amount of league fixtures as that mob against the same teams. Pretty sure they have 9 games out of 13 away from home after January or similar.
  15. Never seen it live but watched it this morning fucking moron.
  16. Clemens done me out of a few quid last night, 4 match darts missed ­čśź
  17. She would have beat the majority of the men today Some of the avereages been absolutely pish.
  18. That Rowby Rodriguez fucked my afternoon double there. 81 average and 14% on doubles, woeful.
  19. Hearts are relegation fodder, highly unlikely they get anything.
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