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  1. Exactly, they couldn't defend for shit last year but now employ a strict attack minded manager. Mental.
  2. Warburton was a decent attacking coach too and look how that ended. He strikes me as very similar in terms of style.
  3. One bad result and they will be straight on his back, I'd be surprised if he is still here at Christmas. Appointing a manager who has barely managed in Europe, let alone Scotland to rebuild a team is bewildering.
  4. I sit in SE4 Row N and have no issues. The pillars are definitely a lot further back.
  5. I did, not sure if there has already been to many pre registers and its maybe triggered something.
  6. Must be trying to go down the road of am SWG3 type venue with that sort of capacity.
  7. Whats the capacity of the venue going to be? Any word?
  8. Some of them need to have a good look in the mirror this morning, fucking bangers.
  9. Some of the videos from yesterday are a shambles. What is this new thing about going to George Square anyway?
  10. This image done the rounds 10 year ago when we won 54. I had it as my Bebo header for months when I was 19. Tonights images and videos have brought the memory back. Fucking brilliant and well done to all involved ❤🥳
  11. Agreed, he was a huge miss in those games.
  12. Please be Keane he seemed to be the one their fans didn't want and the one who is looking most likely now.
  13. They will pander any shite to help them sleep at night, that forum is the worlds worst for it.
  14. Hopefully he is back in a few years when their next manager gets sacked. Its been great.
  15. First two names I've seen mention by the tims are Bielsa and Rangnick cunts will never learn.
  16. Double chance Kilmarnock or Draw tonight is 5/2 on Skybet, been a great bet in January for me.
  17. That was my first thought also, he was a player I wasn't expecting to go but clearly unhappy and wants to. Also another they will need to replace in the Summer. They are going to need practically a whole new squad come next season and we all know how long it can take players to adapt and bed in. We will inevitably sell players but if we can keep the main structure we could be out of site for a while.
  18. Looked like a good player when he joined, was it a Rodgers signing? He has been utter pish anytime I've watched him this year, final delivery is appaling.
  19. Aye you can, very much doubt Livi will have it though but who knows.
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