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  1. Yeah I watched it. We were the better team but useless upfront. Same story in the 3 games v them
  2. I'd punt them. I'm sure Malky Thomson was with the youth lads a few seasons ago, maybe time to go back there as he isnt getting the potential out of this team. So many internationals in the squad and we've lost 3 times now to a far inferior team
  3. Twice Fife has made a great save and then conceded from the resulting corner. Fcking hell
  4. Wtf has it got to do with some Hearts diddy thats been whored out to 2 other clubs this season. Prick
  5. Well dropping 8points (at the moment) to the tims is certainly not going to win the title. Glasgow City rarely lose. The league is over and only the most deluded would say otherwise. We blew it
  6. Had high hopes for this but was disappointed. It was disingenuous and basically just showing goals from our games and the taigs. They could have made a programme with heart about our journey through the leagues and spoke to fans etc
  7. On paper we should have won the league, yet 3 loses to these middens have meant we will be probably finish 3rd
  8. All Rangers and that mob score with one of their only chances. Scunnering Ness and Arnot for being internationals are gash
  9. Losing twice to this rabble is what has cost the woman the league title. A poor show that they never got to play an OF game at Ibrox when the last one was at the piggery
  10. I thought it would go down to the wire. Sometimes I think pipping them to it on the last day of the season would have been sweeter, but I certainly cant complain about how we won it. Just wish we could have been there to witness it. A bit anticlimactic because of that but I'm sure Saturday will be like old times
  11. £45? What a joke. We really are beginning to jump the shark with a lot of these championship items now. The wall idea is good but £45 is a shocking price
  12. Cheers for that. Hopefully I’ll be able to enjoy it and feel a part of it. Hate going to football things without him
  13. I'm anxious about Saturday. The last time we won the title I was there celebrating with my Dad, this time I'll be alone wishing he was here. I'm going in remembrance of him but I'd rather be at home avoiding the whole day tbh
  14. Rumours that the roads around Ibrox and George Square are getting closed off. It will be a fcking disgrace if fans cant be outside the stadium on Sat. Partick had fans there, same with Liverpool last season. Even Bolton and Derby celebrated with fans at the weekend. Typical bitterness when it comes to us
  15. "Stopped supporting us" 😂 yeah I must have imagined all the games I went to in League 2/1/Championship/Premiership in the last 10 years. I stopped posting on here but I certainly didnt stop supporting us or going to games you melt
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