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  1. How can a club be fined for fans behaviour OUTSIDE of a stadium? Clubs cant babysit fans On that note, when is the George Square bash? When the title is won or when we get the trophy? Need to know for making the journey from deepest darkest Ayrshire 😂
  2. Whilst the majority of names on that list give me the fear, they were part of the journey and they should be applauded. On a personal point of view I went to so many games that season with my late Dad and theres so many memories attached to that. I think we really appreciated how much Rangers meant to us both that season
  3. Beyond terrible. God help any poor sod actually paying for this game
  4. Did the tims not try and say Beaton was one of us? If hes a fan I wouldnt like to see him if he hated us
  5. Stupid by Gerrard but justified in asking Beaton a question
  6. Andy Walker bringing up Morelos "previous" . Bitter as fck
  7. You know it's a pen when that prick Andy Walker is saying it's one
  8. I didnt say we were being "found out" another poster did. I asked why we're sluggish in the opening half hour or so of games
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