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  1. More money on this, ffs why is nobody doing an expose on him being supposedly involved in the nonce fc peado ring?
  2. I have a few tim fans from work on mine. Also a few Yessers who are endlessly annoying. Then there's the tim yessers. Doubly annoying
  3. ICW show on the whole was good last night. Kinky Parties match and the Coffey v Gunn one felt a bit blah for me! Also thought Nash would have done more! Oh and the RVD and Rey results. WTF!!
  4. Ffs I'd have bought it!! I'm desperately looking for a VIP ticket to no avail :(
  5. If anyone is selling a meet and greet ticket for the ICW Hydro show, PM me
  6. Don't know why certain people affected by such horrible events milk it for all its worth. The McCanns, the M9 crash police fiasco, the Clydebank murder, is it too soon to mention Hillsborough as well?!
  7. Its definitely the way of the world now when a horrific death is played out like a TV show. Its the same with that lassie that died after the car accident last year (when the police didn't respond to a call), her family are in the paper even to this day about stupid random things. Why do the press pander to grief merchants?
  8. They always like you better when you're dead
  9. First Aid Kit - A Long Time Ago A good depressing song for you!
  10. Recently seen Spider Man 2 (so much better than I expected) and Blue Ruin, bizarre film to say the least
  11. Maybe because some cunt from work ruined it before I watched it by telling me what happened. I thought the crowd were dire as well. Don't get me wrong I thought there was some really good moments in it but on the whole I was a bit let down
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