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  1. I thought it would go down to the wire. Sometimes I think pipping them to it on the last day of the season would have been sweeter, but I certainly cant complain about how we won it. Just wish we could have been there to witness it. A bit anticlimactic because of that but I'm sure Saturday will be like old times
  2. £45? What a joke. We really are beginning to jump the shark with a lot of these championship items now. The wall idea is good but £45 is a shocking price
  3. Cheers for that. Hopefully I’ll be able to enjoy it and feel a part of it. Hate going to football things without him
  4. I'm anxious about Saturday. The last time we won the title I was there celebrating with my Dad, this time I'll be alone wishing he was here. I'm going in remembrance of him but I'd rather be at home avoiding the whole day tbh
  5. Rumours that the roads around Ibrox and George Square are getting closed off. It will be a fcking disgrace if fans cant be outside the stadium on Sat. Partick had fans there, same with Liverpool last season. Even Bolton and Derby celebrated with fans at the weekend. Typical bitterness when it comes to us
  6. "Stopped supporting us" 😂 yeah I must have imagined all the games I went to in League 2/1/Championship/Premiership in the last 10 years. I stopped posting on here but I certainly didnt stop supporting us or going to games you melt
  7. If I'd had a pound for every time Lappin says "you know", I'd probably be able to pay a few players wages
  8. Embarrassing 1st half performance. Hard to believe it was only 5 months ago that we beat them 0-5
  9. Two glorious chances to score and we hit right at the GK. Just cant see us scoring today
  10. Booked my hotel for Fri night, so I can be at Ibrox early on Sat. Hopefully the gates will accidentally be kept open and theyll let us all in to see the title lift (yes I know it wont ever happen)
  11. Best chance to end the Glasgow city dominance and we've fcked it since the 0-5 victory v them. Losing twice to the taigs will be what cost us the league. Scunnering
  12. What a terrible goal to lose. Defensively shite. Lose today and its curtains
  13. Cheers for being funny...after all the crap we are going through it made me laugh :)

  14. Erm guess what? ....My PM won't send! Won't seem to let me save it either...

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