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  1. The one where Walter slaps Durrant as hes going down to pass on orders. That will never be beaten
  2. You cant seriously have no fear for the Hibs game after the gash weve been served up for weeks/months now? Plus throw in Gerrards record in the cup competitions
  3. Dreading it already. Hopefully I'll be there to be proved wrong
  4. Obviously I have the 9iar memories but I was too young to appreciate them. My fave memory is when I met Walter after the Hearts game a few weeks away from his 2nd spell ending. He was in his car and stopped to sign for fans and I told him to go and win the last 2 games (I think it was 2) to give him the send off he deserved. He laughed and said hopefully! I met him after an OF game in 2019 as well and he was a gent as usual. Always had time for autographs and pics with fans unlike a few other mangers/players we've had including our current one
  5. Absolute shite, from a bunch of gutless players still living on 55. Havent been as disgusted by a performance since the 40th anniversary of the Ibrox disaster and we lost to the taigs. We couldnt even get a win for Walter
  6. Will they though? They've gained 2 points on is tonight
  7. The Malmo game killed our season. We had a chance to get the champions league money and sign decent players and really put the pressure on a transitional taig side. Fcked it
  8. Heavy flashbacks to games from.the previous 5 seasons (last season aside). Utter bullshit and the warning signs have been there all season
  9. All we've heard all season (and posts on here) is how the tims are in disarray, yet they're only 1 point behind us. They buy players that are scoring straight away and we signed fcking Sakala and Bacuna who cant hit a barn door between them
  10. This is beyond shite. If we cant motivate ourselves to get a win in honour of Walter then what hope have we got for the rest of the season. Already dreading the semi v Hibs
  11. It's going to be one of those nights isnt it 😔
  12. Why do we want to walk the ball into the net? Roofe should have blasted that there
  13. That lap of honour there by Walter on RTV, was that from.the Hearts game? (Or Dundee Utd?)
  14. St Mirren came back from 2-0 down to the sheep (iirc), we should be able to as well. Need an equaliser quickly though or theyll park the bus in the 2nd half
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