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  1. I agree, and rightly so. However, I have a feeling we will sneak through tonight even with the dynamic duo in the middle of the park.
  2. I cant believe he thinks those two in the middle is the way forward. Long 90 minutes ahead. Apart from anything else I think Ortiz is wasted on the left. To me he looks a good player despite a lot of criticism he has had on here.
  3. Yes, thats pretty much the team I would like to see start the game, if I am honest though I really cant see it happening. Fully expect Edu and McCulloch to start in the middle of the park sadly. It really does astound me that Ally thinks the 2 of them paired in midfield is the best way for Rangers at the moment. One or the other maybe but not both together, especially in a must win game like tonight. Hopefully I will be proved wrong and Ally will drop one of them.
  4. I think I'm more disappointed with the manner in which this transfer has been handled rather than losing out in the player himself. It was a lot of money and if truth be told I think we can get as good a player on the continent easily for that type of cash. Still, once it is settled either way I look forward to hearing exactly what happened with this deal. I still think if Goodwillie was desperate to play for Rangers this deal would happen. We will know in a couple of months whether missing out on him has been a good or a bad thing. Tonight its all about beating Malmo. Lets do this!
  5. So, how confident are you of this going in our favour then?..from what you have heard.
  6. What happened to signing subject to successful medical, the fact he has not done that says more to me about it than anything.
  7. So , does that mean he stays in Blackburn tonight or does he fancy another trip back up the road. Very strange, never known a medical to take 2 days.
  8. I agree totally. If our bid is now higher, and that is a big if, its now up to Goodwillie how much he wants to be a Rangers player.
  9. Yes, and if Goodwillie really wants to come to us he will be a very unhappy player tonight.
  10. I hope its us but why would we be unnamed? That makes me think it's someone else, hope I'm wrong!
  11. Yeah, one of many these days sadly, For me its the midfield that has really struggled this season. Worse teams than them have outplayed us in the middle. Poor
  12. There is no excuse for that second half, rotten, absolutely rotten. Why take off Jelavic and Diouf!! Best 2 players we had. Midfield is horrible at holding onto the ball and making passes. Naismith was just stupid. Edu has not had a decent game in ages. I hope most of the players are getting a hammering just now from the manager but he should get one himself. Pathetic. Only plus points were the Ness goal and Diouf's performance , Jelavic also did well apart from his ball into Davis.
  13. Fleck really pushed his case there eh?! A win is a win but there are massive issues with our play at the moment
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