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  1. Not how BBC Scotland spun it. They said Easdale had approximately 6% and looked to increase shareholding to 14%
  2. What has he 'done' ? Past let ally sign players?
  3. Yeah Cenkos has left Yeah Murray has left Yeah Easdale is now on the board But nothing to worry about eh?
  4. Wow. All that despite the fact he isn't actually very good and can't run !?
  5. McCulloch should be nowhere near our starting 11 next season. In any position.
  6. Sweet. Is it blue? Ha ha. Just the home shirt? How come? Speak speak speak!
  7. Doesn't say that at all though does it? It says 'Morning bears keep tuned to www. http://t.co/qMI3zck2Jr for all new kit info !' No indication at all that its today.
  8. Just to clarify we do know those tweets aren't from the actual Jim Hannah?
  9. He got back from Magaluf Wednesday.
  10. The Easdales have Shares. They don't speak for Rangers. I hope they never do.
  11. I agree. Hence Novo's inability to hit a cows arse with a banjo today. You can either finish or you can't.
  12. And as the last person who put this part of the article posted the very next part goes on to say Ally's chat on budget appears to suggest otherwise.
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