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  1. I'm the same, try and stay positive but jesus, absolutely awful!
  2. hmm, such a disappointing start to the season. Next!
  3. Aww, fuck sake Naismith! Like the way we've started this second half though.
  4. I'm normally positive but had a bad feeling about this today. We will be lucky if it stays 3. Completely outplayed, and outfought, in every area of the park. And if I receive one more text saying 'I just can't get enough', I'm going to smash my phone off the fucking telly.
  5. Every Rangers fan is hurting like fuck right now. folk deal with it differently. Some folk like to think positively and that's their way of dealing with it. I'm angry just now, raging at that pile of pish I just watched, but I know things will calm down and we MUST win the two games in hand. I don't think anyone should calm down though. Today was horrendous.
  6. Our tim neighbour has put on his rebel songs. He's a 'big' celtic fan who has never stepped foot in parkhead in his fucking life. Luckily, my gran has plenty of party tunes here to put on. She's pumping them up. Absolutely gutted by that today.
  7. Btw, Neil McCann can wipe that fucking smile off his face. For fuck sake, expect it from charlie but no him.
  8. Pay no heid to that. He is clearly angry and thinks that having a go at a fellow Rangers fan who is gutted at that performance, will get rid of his anger. I do think we will still win the league but today's performance is absolutely gutting. I thought we would win but old firm games are unpredictable. They have seemed hungrier for the win. We still have two games in hand which, if we win, will result in the correct order of things.
  9. Aw man. And it had to be that guy that scored too. He's an utter prick!
  10. Bloody hell. Perhaps we should make a big ho ha about referees. We'll bloody get the back lash now!
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