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  1. I’ve seen enough of him now I reckon. Had 1 good game in Lech and that’s it. Rotten against St Mirren and once again today. Serial ball watcher and is far too laid back to play in our midfield.
  2. Gets some stick off some of our fan base but as usual you never really miss someone until they aren’t there. He is vital to the way we play.
  3. Didn’t see first half due to RTV issues. Hagi and Booker T were superb in the second. 5 wins and a draw until 55 troops. From sitting the night before Brechin away wondering if we would even have a license to this. It’s been a long and eventful journey but it’s nearly over. Back where we belong 😎
  4. Tried everything mate. Closing down app, logging out, switching off the phone.
  5. He’s pretty much nailed it. Massively disappointed if Rangers say nothing about this tomorrow.
  6. McGregor Tav Goldson Helander Barisic Davis Kamara Roofe Hagi Kent Itten(depending on Morelos)
  7. We play our best football with Morelos in the team. There’s no 2 ways about it.
  8. Red card? Most likely. Judged to the same standard as everyone else? Not a single chance. Club need to be all over this and the Hibs TV comments.
  9. Hibs have apologised to Rangers. I genuinely want us to go for the throat here.
  10. Haven’t seen it mate. Few media outlets reporting on it now
  11. He’s certainly not slow 😂 Probably the quickest striker we have.
  12. I said in December if we could win 8/8 we were champions. I didn’t expect the taigs to drop that many points in that period though. 7 wins and 1 draw later and I’ll happily now say we are champions. Our ‘hard’ run of games is over and now it’s the taigs turn come the run in. We have taigs, Hibs and sheep at home, while they play us, Hibs and sheep away. We’ve won it at a canter. The username is back in business. Champions again ole ole
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