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  1. McGregor Tav Goldson Balogun Bassey Kamara Jack Barker Hagi Kent Morelos. Helander, Barisic, Aribo, Arfield are absolutely key for Sunday and should sit this one out. I think we will stroll this one.. 3-0.
  2. Had an excellent first half then slowly faded away. He’s a match winner, the type of player that pops up with an assist or goal every game. He sees stuff that no other play in our squad can see and he also has the ability to pull it off.
  3. International football is a running joke. Euro games aren’t too bad, it’s essentially 2 bubbles meeting just like the league albeit in a different country. International football is like 30/40/50 bubbles all coming together from around the world. Complete and utter madness.
  4. I’d imagine our test results are already in for tomorrow, no?
  5. Getting behind them in a major issue considering there will be at least 9 players camped on the edge of there 18 yard line. Everything will be played in front of Livi, I think it’s a game for Aribo, Hagi etc
  6. Aye he should of squared it to Kent aswell at one point. Last season Morelos off form would of been an issue because our play revolved round him. This year it’s completely different and we also have 3 quality players behind him choking to start. Need to patch that mentality tbh and I hope the players have. That attitude has cost us too many times in the last 2 years. Every game is a huge 3 points and they all count the same.
  7. Aye he looks a bit leggy atm. Plenty of options there but for me Morelos needs dropped 100%.
  8. I agree with this actually. Kent does really need a rest, Could possibly see Roofe or Jones in for him. We’ve got so many good options now it’s almost impossible to pick the team.
  9. McGregor Tav Goldson Helander Bassey Davis Aribo Hagi Roofe Kent Itten
  10. I think we will do this mob tonight and lech. Benfica anything can happen.
  11. Right up for this now. Searching for a our first away win in the group stages under Gerrard. Not nervous at all, weirdly I’m more nervous for Sunday than tonight.
  12. We didn’t even get out of second gear. Er was 4 German nazis on a plate.......
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