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  1. I think we will do this mob tonight and lech. Benfica anything can happen.
  2. Right up for this now. Searching for a our first away win in the group stages under Gerrard. Not nervous at all, weirdly I’m more nervous for Sunday than tonight.
  3. We didn’t even get out of second gear. Er was 4 German nazis on a plate.......
  4. Apparently Jullien hasn’t made it. Welsh ???? To start. Fuck knows who that is.
  5. Apparently open a can at 8am is bad enough. This is feeble compared to others tbh.
  6. First can sparked at 8. Mrs is absolutely fuming n has stormed out the hoose. Away to her maws apparently, result if you ask me. Let’s get right intae these beadrattling bastards.
  7. Never succeeded once mate but always tell myself I will. Don’t think I’ve slept the last 3 games actually
  8. Cargo acquired for tomorrow and a few cans for tonight. Keep telling myself early bed but I can see that far enough.
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