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  1. Goal was coming for Morelos. Felt at the time he came off it was reactionary to the header he missed (which was an outstanding save). Ideally Roofe needs to play with Morelos. Knew within the first 25 mins we were in for a bad night. It just had the feel we were going out. We struggle tactically against teams that play 3 or 5 at the back. St J showed much more dig and wanted it more over the full game. Throughly deserved for them.
  2. If anyone is paying the full whack - just bank transfer it. No need to wait in the queues. Should have the reference number in the renewal email. Quick and painless
  3. McGregor Patterson Goldson Helander Barisic Davis Kamara Arfield Aribo Morelos Kent Think that’s yer team. Hagi or Wright in for Aribo.
  4. Early finish. Suns oot. Beers open. Marching into the last 8. Hwggg
  5. Dunno if I’ve ever cried more tears of happiness in my life.
  6. Absolutely tremendous. THE FAMOUS RFC.
  7. Exact same boat as me. Few cans the now on route. Title party starts now.
  8. Will happen everywhere. Doesn’t matter if it’s George sq, Ibrox or your home town. Not being able to get into the stadiums always meant it would spill onto the streets. Personally the only plans I’ve made is to head up to Ibrox tomorrow to welcome the team. Anything else will be spontaneous and decided on the day between our bus.
  9. I’ve seen enough of him now I reckon. Had 1 good game in Lech and that’s it. Rotten against St Mirren and once again today. Serial ball watcher and is far too laid back to play in our midfield.
  10. Gets some stick off some of our fan base but as usual you never really miss someone until they aren’t there. He is vital to the way we play.
  11. Didn’t see first half due to RTV issues. Hagi and Booker T were superb in the second. 5 wins and a draw until 55 troops. From sitting the night before Brechin away wondering if we would even have a license to this. It’s been a long and eventful journey but it’s nearly over. Back where we belong 😎
  12. Tried everything mate. Closing down app, logging out, switching off the phone.
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