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  1. Was also quite sceptical about the calendar changing but only 5 weeks until crowning the next major champion at the PGA is getting me very excited
  2. Got the luck of the green over past couple of days but took advantage as others faltered. DJ and Koepka will look at this is a big chance that got away. Next few months will be interesting still dont see him catching Jacks record but glad he got to win at least one more major
  3. Pocket change to replace them unfortunately. Combined transfer fee for both of them is £65million doubt they will bat and eyelid about replacing them with 2 players for even more money never mind the loss of the money in transfer fees
  4. Stick your Morelos up your arse. All about Ryan Kent hes the man for the occasion
  5. Trying to play out from the back when none of our centre halves can pass the length of themselves 🤣🤣
  6. This Morelos indiscipline should have been stamped by the Manager & the captain. Ignoring the manager for a second, Tavernier is not a Rangers captain, when he comes out at Parkhead hes trudging miles behind Brown, his head is bowed too scared to look up. Club is a shambles on and off the pitch
  7. Bayern in danger of being left behind by the European elite imo. Big summer for them, ageing squad and they need to start splashing the cash like the English clubs, PSG, Barca and Madrid do if they want to remain a powerhouse.
  8. Is that due to us getting better or Aberdeen being less consistent? think we beat them 3 times last year, this time they’ve beat us 3 times
  9. Cold hard facts will say we haven’t improved much on previous seasons domestically reached the semis in both cups last year This year quarters and semi double digits behind celtic again what a fucking waste and celtic will go and strengthen again this summer. Massive chance wasted, and it’s just going to get harder.
  10. I see Sportsbible are still creaming themselves over him saying he has the 2nd highest winning % of managers this season behind Pep Hes only been in charge for 15 games ffs. People getting way too ahead of themselves
  11. Was always going to happen. We have lost some stupid points this season, can’t rely on other teams doing us favours
  12. Can’t disagree with many of the players mentioned on this thread. Would add Barisic to this also. Jury is out on Grezda as he’s not been fit enough which is a sad indictment about recruitment in itself
  13. Really not convinced by Barisic for us. Signed on the back of some decent enough displays vs us (nothing more I’m willing to bet) and for a decent sum of money. Delivery is crap, defending is suspect Davis another one, he’s finished Some of the recruitment has really been baffling, for every Kent we have had 4 or 5 wasters
  14. Still miles away until we get some serious investment (maybe >£15mill) on the players. Never bought into the idea we were winning the league this season. The euphoria on here after one or two decent results always gets blown out of proportion, for every win vs celtic/Aberdeen/Killie etc we will drop points to a St Johnstone/Hamilton etc Until we get back to basics we won’t win anything
  15. I would be looking at the players downing tools (especially Pogba) rather than Mourinho tbh. Just because you don’t like your boss doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put maximum effort in, especially on their wages.
  16. Been out in Orlando for past 10 days. Went to their games vs Pacers & Nets tonight and theyve played really well. Would highly recommend the Amway Center for a visit if anyone is out here in near future
  17. Embarassment Earnt about 67 grand per second in the ring
  18. A few cowardly performances have creeped in recently similar to yester years. Need to do this for the fans for how we have suffered in recent years vs them.
  19. Not a chance, this has been in the pipeline since late last year (getting Gerrard in), King is infatuated by him. Also tbh, we cant keep sacking managers we are going round in circles then - now we either stick with a rookie or rebuild (again).
  20. Clarke would have been the better option out of himself & Gerrard, not sure many would disagree on that. I really dont know what the answer is though tbh, but i think we are in cuckoo land if we think the likes of Tommy Wright, McInnes & Neil would get us closer than where we are - that being said again, I didnt buy into this Gerrard hysteria at the time, especially as i reckon Rodgers would have definitely walked with all that shit going on in August/September with them if Gerrard wasnt our manager.
  21. 🤣 What has Alex Neil won? Tommy Wright & Derek McInnes, one cup each when we were in the depths and the poorest celtic side in recent times. I am no fan of Gerrard, but these guys wouldn't get us any closer.
  22. Typical BT sport commentators so wrapped up in their English game saying Spurs go in as favourites for the match. They are absolutely cluless about the quality of football teams outwith England
  23. Really want Fury to win this. Think its one or two fights too soon for him though
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