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  1. I feel you are being a trifle persnickety, one might even say over-fastidious. 3-0 is applaudable imo.
  2. No worries, its about 2 mins behind, so probably best ta leave it until you see loads of "YASSSSSSSSS" before pressing play.
  3. http://www.hesgoal.com/news/40191/Kilmarnock_vs_Rangers.html
  4. Agreed. What a dominant performance by Brady et al. Power from the kick off went for the juguar, gotta sit back and admire them. That said, what a game coming up Brady v Mahomes. Wow, looking forward to that.
  5. Most gifted player we have had in a decade in my opinion. If we can keep him we have the chance to be a real force again. The man scares the fuck out of the opposition not only on the pitch physically but in their heads pre-game. They just cant handle him when he's on his game and they know it. I think our progress this season is good, and that performance today was outstanding by ALL the players. I actually thought they would tire last quarter (they've been playing twice a week since June) but the fight was there for all to see. I reckon SG told them to burn every last ounce of energy before their much needed break.
  6. Best performance of th season, so proud, yet i feel physically sick!
  7. Useless fact something with 15 corners is called a Pentadecagon
  8. Michael Smith will be gutted by that sending off at Ibrox - Big Gers fan
  9. Fuck off i'm not risking touching it now. VIP Stand i think
  10. I've managed ta get a good stream and to be fair its better than porn!!!
  11. Well worth a watch if you haven't already . . . Gerrards Tactics
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