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  1. SFA :- Corrupt or stupid?

    she's probably a Thai ladyboy. ?
  2. No more dignified silence

    That why you troll this site mate? Obsessed with the bears?
  3. No more dignified silence

    Forgot more about rangers than you'll ever know. Plastic bluenose.
  4. No more dignified silence

    I really don't know why your so offended by people's anger at the decision. It's like your happy to let them make up the rules because your either retarded or one of them in the first place.which one is it?
  5. SFA :- Corrupt or stupid?

    Kaiserbawbag the keyboard terrorist. What you doing before kickoff tomorrow?
  6. No more dignified silence

    Spot on mate but we don't have the same number of passionate fans to put pressure on SFA. Just look at replies to your post. It's fucking laughable, these cunts should be sticking by fellow bears but sadly don't give a fuck. Last night some pretender "gogzy" locked my post because I wanted folk to discuss the issue with brown and the sfa. It's pathetic, it's no longer a man's game but full of the "easily offended".
  7. SFA :- Corrupt or stupid?

    Last post was locked for no apparent reason so trying again. Just wondering if guys share same views as me following the bizarre overturning of Scott Browns red card. Does Peter liewell have such sway with our governing body?
  8. After hearing of Scott Brown's appeal today, I have decided not to renew my season ticket next season. I believe there is corruption within the SFA but do others share the same thoughts?
  9. Rangers Chat Live Phone In

    Looking forward to the quiz tonight lads, best of luck!