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  1. I would prefer to see a £10 per month donation option added to ST Renewal. If most fans took that up would generate good amount of cash. Not many would notice that each month
  2. I have three outstanding tickets drinking on the street, driving without seat belt and my tax disc had ran out. Still to pay them and they are all about a year old. tbf it does worry me sometimes that im going to get fucked for it.
  3. carrol hutton cuellar boumsong ball gattuso fergie mendes arteta cousin lovenkrands
  4. if only life was that simple i dont think llyods would pay someone to come in and sort things out if it was as easy as that. Even with the cl money dont think its really going to help matters if you think about it every other year when we have been in the cl we havent made a £30 million profit. Think unless we get new investment it will take years to clear it. only way that we will is cost cutting which i hope wont effect the team
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