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  1. I like it. Wish they went to an old school style
  2. If this is the case it will take about 5mins into our 1st game of him missing to end the tavs pish club
  3. Will be interesting to see today what our team is like without tav. Think we will really miss him
  4. Stronger than I would have expected. I would have like to see grezda and Wallace starting with another youngster on the bench but can't complain
  5. What a wee fucking asshole. Get him fucking told in that changing room
  6. I'm going to Madrid in September. Any recommendations
  7. Niko has to come off I think. Not a lack of effort but his body is just fucked. We need to try and get our foot on the ball a little in there
  8. I'm driving through for the game after work. Anyone know any decent places to park
  9. We better put a performance in on Wednesday. We cannot afford to come away with anything else than a win.
  10. Just got a ticket from @Cedrick. Guy was spot on and i was able to pick ot up straight away. Cheers again mate?
  11. Like Stafford mention, pretty sure I posted before about him being reliable but just in case anytime i have sold tickets to him he has been spot on ?
  12. anyone had the error with sportsmania were there subscription hasn't expired but when you try and open a stream it comes up with a message that says your subscription has expired
  13. I'm in the same boat. My subscription ended yesterday and there does not seem to be anyway to re sunscribe. I really liked sports mania. Great price and service. Guy I know got a 2 week free pass from them but I can't work out how he done it. It's supposedly on their site but fuck knows
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