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  1. So in the first 2 mins we’ve had a dive from Kross and an embarrassing bit of play acting from Neymar who looked like he’d been shot from a tackle, modern football....
  2. I've quit watching most football

    Although I do enjoy Dutch football, they do things the right way.
  3. I've quit watching most football

    I’m the exact same, used to watch every game now I just couldn’t care less unless it’s Rangers. The English premier league has become the NFL, the wages and transfer fees are destroying football and have torn the soul right out of the English game. Not to mention ticket prices, stadiums full of tourists and posers whereas real fans can’t afford football anymore, shame really.
  4. Vintage RVP, Feyenoord played some really good stuff, the RB St Juste played a blinder.
  5. Rangers vs Hearts - Premiership

    Ticket office saying this ones sold out, looking for two together, any help appreciated cheers
  6. Levein

    Guys an absolute bawbag
  7. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    He does think to fondly of Rangers either of my memory serves me correct, fuck him
  8. Ever Sat In The Away Section At Ibrox?

    When we played Ac Milan legends a few years back and everyone who was picking up tickets were stuck outside half an hour into the game, they just started letting us in and that’s where I ended up. Besides that na.
  9. ** Ross County v Rangers Match Thread **

    Needs to start taking his chances more like
  10. UFC live.

    Think he’s already had it, on the road to recovery
  11. UFC live.

    Gustafson will be a challenge for him IMO, he was really impressive against Glover.
  12. Naismith Showing Us What We've Missed

    A couple of good moves first half, virtually anonymous second half, and missed an open goal. Yea we’re really missing a player like that.
  13. Hearts Hibs

    That Boyle is a geeedy player, doesn’t even consider the pass Just shoots miserably every time
  14. Hearts Hibs

    If hearts had anyone decent up front they would be in the lead
  15. Hearts Hibs

    Horrendously bad, touch of an elephant
  16. Hearts Hibs

    Ambrose is howlin haha
  17. UFC live.

    DC and Stipe, two masters at work tonight got the job done, well impressed.
  18. UFC live.

    He’s won it easily, perfect gameplan
  19. **Official Rangers v The Sheep Match Thread**

    I reckon there will be a feel good factor around ibrox on Wednesday, after a successful trip away and a few new faces coming in. Hopefully we can charge on and show a bit of intent to have a much improved second half to the season and a win here would be the perfect way to start. Should be fiery as these ties always are, tight game reckon a win by the odd goal.
  20. UFC live.

    Wish Mcgregor would just hurry up and come back and get mauled by Khabib so this pathetic love in can end.
  21. UFC live.

    Heavyweight title tomorrow night, Stipe v Francis, can’t wait.
  22. Pedro and Cruz Azul

    The guy isn’t a football manager, will fade off to obscurity.
  23. Played well in the second half, really impressed. But, it was a friendly, and im not getting carried away.
  24. ***Florida Cup Thread***

    I followed all the steps on here, http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2017-10-13-pes-2018-patch-option-files-licences-kits-badges and it hasn’t worked, just says “user data” at the bottom of the team select screen with nothing in it. Any ideas?