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  1. Rangers tactics - on FM handheld

    Do it on the pc version if you want any respect, mobile version is dug shit.
  2. Cummings

    I didn’t even mention Cummings tbh. Aye he’s scored a few tight angle shots but more than most have been shite and nowhere near.
  3. Cummings

    Exactly, he should have had 30 goals easy this season if he takes all his easy chances he squandered.
  4. Cummings

    He’s been doing it all season, the game we lost against Hamilton at ibrox being one that sticks out, he headed over an open net from 2 yards out. He’s not an instinctive natural finisher, and tends to be greedy and go for the shot when it’s easier to square it to a team mate.
  5. F*cking sick of it

    I really am hoping this Gerrard experiment works, but if it doesn’t we are in deep deep shit.
  6. The Boxing News Thread

    Boxing judges are a complete joke, seems as if every fight I watch at least one judge is always completely off
  7. ***Official Cup Final Day Thread***

    First game against them next season will be at the piggery, will be a massive test and hopefully we can put together a good run up until that game, we simply have to.
  8. Vaporized

    Berrys walls?
  9. Evening times tweets

    People still buying newspapers and giving their toxic web pages hits are the problem.
  10. New kit delay ?

    It’s like aye ok, but the club should be letting the fans know shitey terms like this so there isn’t such an uproar when we are expecting it soon. Let us know last year when the deal was struck how hard is that.
  11. UFC live.

    Has he not “retired” a few times though
  12. UFC live.

    Has to be the end for Vitor, can’t keep getting hurt like that.
  13. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    So aye, first time in 14 years that Aberdeen have taken anything from the piggery. Never mind a point, they’ve gone there and won. On the day that they needed a win to finish above Rangers, against all the odds they’ve managed it, Scottish footballs an absoulute taig love in cesspit. Makes me sick to my stomache.
  14. Happy new season

    If we can win our first home game this time town that would be a good start
  15. Docherty

    Doesn’t have what it takes to play for Rangers, will be back at hamilton or another insignificant team soon enough
  16. Docherty

    He’s a hamilton player, or will be, again

    Imagine coming from 3-0 down to be 5-3 up to draw 5-5 in last min, everything that’s wrong with our shite, incosistent, bottle merchant squad, right there in 90 mins.

    Up....and down.....up......and down
  19. Cheers jimmy

    You’re welcome
  20. Mindrot beyond the point of repair?

    Next season the first game against them will be at their midden, to assemble a team capable of going there and taking something within a pre season of being together is going to take some doing.
  21. Murty

    I wish him all the best in his future endeavours, he’s been landed in a job far outwith his capabilities, should have walked before now though to force the boards hand and save himself further humiliation.
  22. The difference in fitness levels,

    Our players get outmuscled every time the ball breaks, they never win the free ball, even if they’re first to it they just get shoved off. Definitely not on the same levels of strength and fitness on or off the ball.
  23. Hurting

    I’ve been hurting like this since the 5-1 game at the piggery last season, until we turn them over it won’t change, it’s like a big horrible cloud hanging over me.
  24. Season 18/19 Start

    I don’t think, I know, it’s always been like that. Look back through the years.
  25. Season 18/19 Start

    Na we will be at home, it goes turn about each year.