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  1. Something has to be done, and it would be the first step in outlawing it imo
  2. You think it won’t hurt EA in the pocket when there’s big 18+ warnings on games and gambling warnings?
  3. JimmyCR1

    FIFA 20

    Because FIFA is gambling for children now and it should be recognised as that, it has no warnings or no real age rating to show this. The games been shite for years now maybe it will give EA the kick up the arse it needs to actually produce a decent game and not the same pish every year, concentrate on the actual gameplay rather than all these gold packs and special player cards making them millions in ultimate team. Don’t sign it, I don’t care I just feel the whole gaming industry is taking advantage of the loophole in loot boxes and ripping the piss out us as consumers.
  4. https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/300171 Get signing people.
  5. JimmyCR1

    FIFA 20

    https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/300171 Get it signed folks.
  6. Anyone who thinks there’s anything good to come from any of this is kidding themselves on, again.
  7. JimmyCR1

    FIFA 20

    Buzzing for “Dynamic new tackling” or “controlled pass system” when literally fuck all changes apart from new ultimate team cards for all the wee arseholes who fund them so they can keep ruining the game. Anyone who plays ultimate team is part of the problem and has absolutely no right to complain about fifa.
  8. *something happens 4000 miles away* In Glasgow “So aye, Rangers have to change as an institution.” You literally can’t make it up.
  9. All this retrospect and reeling back the years just doesn’t hit with me until we actually win something again. I won’t enjoy past glories until we have some present ones, currently almost a decade without a trophy is absolutely sickening tbh.
  10. Bougherra just through sheer consistency, barely had a bad game and was easily the best defender in the league that season. Closely behind Davis, Mendes and Miller in that order. Cant understate Laffertys contribution either but too inconsistent to be considered next to the others.
  11. Scottish football has unveiled its undeniable brass neck this past week, small time, embarrassment of a system/football association.
  12. Start next season with an extra three teams from championship (top three) and have three relegation spots and one promotion from championship. In turn declaring this season null and void and everyone happy, except separate entity.
  13. I never said these teams are trying to win them the league, I’m saying these teams definitely up their game against us more so than they do them. That’s just a fact.
  14. The first half of the season seems an eternity ago, I still can’t get over how bad we’ve imploded, it’s ludicrous.
  15. I’m not watching but if they’ve been the better side why are they not winning? They cunts are just jammy and get every decision going, whereas we’re the opposite, any slight thing seems to go against us. Sick to death of it.
  16. What chance have we got when no Cunt even gives them a game? Between that and the corrupt referees we’ve got nae fucking chance man.
  17. Yesterday was the prooving fixture and we fucked it. Making it difficult for ourselves.
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