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  1. I would love to see This Is Football remade for this generation. Hell give me an LMA Manager or console Football Manager and I'll be pleased.
  2. Horrible news best wishes to the wee guy.
  3. He wasn't very good if we're honest with ourselves.
  4. I miss James Richardson on the Italian football
  5. Really happy to have Hagi back full time I hope and expect big things from him.
  6. He's right you know Gauld would be cheaper than Hagi but I will play for free does that mean I should get signed.
  7. I will be getting the ps5 but won't be touching the launch editions the Xbox 360 launch has put me off ever getting one near release again.
  8. I'd like to see Kent on the right wing, Hagi centrally and us to sign a left footed left winger
  9. Their support turned up at Ibrox in the stupid pope hats during that time they've always been a taig supported club.
  10. Straight-Edge-Loyal

    FIFA 20

    Lloris is better than Alisson is anyway but his personal chem makes a fair bit of a difference imo especially when he will help more than one player. Aim for 11 wins to auto qualify and have some fun it's hard as fuck but it's quite fun.
  11. Straight-Edge-Loyal

    FIFA 20

    If you get Lloris he will be on full chem and better than Alison's regular card as well. He'll give more chem to Matieu as an added bonus.
  12. It's been reported in Italy that we've signed Hagi on a long term deal according to Twitter.
  13. Straight-Edge-Loyal

    FIFA 20

    Well done mate done using us I assume.
  14. It is just so disappointing considering we've known about it for pretty much the entirety of lockdown but I'm glad it's official now. I hope our kits are shown today or something at least now after the hype we gave this build up.
  15. Is that it the new kit manufacturer after that hype yesterday?
  16. This shouldn't be happening it's so weird having no fans and the break has fucked the fitness and standard of play
  17. https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/browse?q=GTA&sortBy=relevance&sortDir=DESC&pageSize=30 Free PC gta 5.
  18. Epic games are giving away GTA 5 on PC if anyone is interested in that. https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/browse?q=GTA&sortBy=relevance&sortDir=DESC&pageSize=30 It is brilliant and worth another play though.
  19. Der Hammer and a special mention for Andy Goram the best keeper we've ever had imo
  20. The SPFL needs cleansed the corruption is out of hand and it's time we got a grip of the game again. Take them all the way and take the filths grip from our game and get them dealt with in court if needs be.
  21. Straight-Edge-Loyal

    FIFA 20

    Yeah Alfie was a objective Kent was an sbc with the cock flasher from the papes.
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