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  1. Before he's even landed in Glasgow...

    That's because there's fuck all wrong with them haha When you're on loan the idea is to be fully invested in the squad you're with for the year. Imagine him turning up to training on Monday if he said he wanted Benfica to skelp them. Insane article.
  2. Suggestions.

    Wages will be nuts. Another unrealistic left footed option, Badstuber. Getting released by Bayern, was on loan at schalke who don't want him and has openly said he wants to leave the country. Wages currently at 60k a week but has also said he's willing to take a cut. Shocking injury record thins the market for him even more. Totally unrealistic but if there was even a perfect storm to go for someone like that.
  3. ***Official Rangers vs Motherwell Match thread ***

    We've actually just been playing like we are buffering, easy mistake. Normal service will hopefully resume now.
  4. ***Official Rangers vs Motherwell Match thread ***

    He was signalling to the bench during the corner before the goal, reckon he has a knock.
  5. ***Official Rangers vs Motherwell Match thread ***

    What a ball from Niko!
  6. Suggestions.

    No idea, spent his whole career in Germany with Bayern II and Stuttgart for what that's worth.
  7. Suggestions.

    Georg Niedermeier is a free agent after getting relegated with Stuttgart last year, still only 30 and been a cracking bundesliga centre half for a few years without being a cemented 1st choice. Probably around similar wages that Barton and Niko would be commanding, don't think he's someone we would be considering but would be a shout.
  8. I'd love to be in that dressing room the now to see just how ally goes about it And to have my own wee rant!
  9. Wish I had an excuse to escape
  10. bit of a facepalm there, was looking at the live table cheers for helping me see sense
  11. queens park not a point ahead ?
  12. 20 mins in eh. Keep calm for now Still a chance to go top today
  13. ***The Official Forres Mechanics v Rangers Thread***

    I agree mate! Was steady in the middle but yeah couldn't fault one of them, I'm still buzzing about that result