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  1. GVB

    Just thought I'd put a stamp on it.
  2. Newcastle receive a £300 million bid

    Maybe his divorce is putting serious pressure on his finances? I'm sure if he held out he could get a lot more money than what is being currently offered.
  3. GVB

    In other words, Feyenoord are a in a stable club flourishing club, with a strong board, and a playing squad working in harmony with in another. Whereas we are in a shite state of affairs from top to bottom.
  4. What the hell is going on?

    He is a reasonable enough manager, but it's all the baggage that goes with him. The guy would start a fight in an empty house, then say the walls were out to get him.
  5. Newcastle receive a £300 million bid

    MA would be mad to sell at that price, especially given the EPL teams get a third of that every year in TV revenue.
  6. More dross. Never thought I'd say this, but I enjoy the SPFL more these days. Just wish Rangers board would get their finger out and get a manager, so we can get back on track.
  7. GVB

    Ajax and PSV have revenues of around €100M, whereas Feyenoord is around the €60M mark. Overcoming not just one but two powerhouses with the budget he had makes Gio my first choice. He is only contracted to Feyenoord till 2019, so his compensation surely wont be that insane?
  8. Advocat has resigned from the national team

    We have to question the running of our club if that is the case.
  9. Advocat has resigned from the national team

    Not saying we should go for Dick, but we will have a lot of money coming our way for next season. Next season we will have more revenue from: Season tickets will be due for renewal. A new kit deal, as the PUMA deal ends at the end of the season. Getting a more balanced share of shirt sales will also help. This is why the next appointment must be spot on, we can't afford to have another manager waste money.
  10. Ryan Jack

    I'm guessing McCrorie is playing in the u-21 qualifier tomorrow, that's why he's not playing tonight?
  11. UFC live.

    GSP still a beast Bet he drops down to face Woodley
  12. UFC live.

    People were sleeping on Ross's stand-up must've forgot her boyfriend is pat berry 😃
  13. I just think Bales runs help open up space for the rest of the team, there is also his goals ans assists.
  14. Real just aren't the same team when Bale is out. Zidane better hope Bale is 100% fit soon, or he he will be getting sacked.
  15. I think they are desperately missing Bale.