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  1. Fight seemed pretty even till the later rounds where Kell seemed to slow down remarkably. Once he slowed he lost that counter jab and Spence was able to keep tagging him on that eye until Kell called it quits.
  2. Sounds rehearsed
  3. Hows his emailing?
  4. The thing with BT is it's not even about the football. I remember their CEO came out and said during the launch of BT Sport that they were using this a vehicle to increase broadband business.
  5. Fury should probably fight Parker next, that gives him enough time to get back in shape. In the meantime Wilder and Joshua should fight next unless there is some issue with mandatory fights getting in the way.
  6. Inexperience nearly cost AJ in the 5th, he was taking over the fight but blowing his load going for the kill almost lost him a fight he should have scooshed. If he is going to continue to fight at that size he needs to be more patient in the future, especially when he comes up against the younger guys like Fury and Wilder.
  7. At this rate, with the current levels of investment, it's probably closer to 5 than 2.
  8. You fill the team with lower league English players these are the performances you expect when things get challenging. The lower English leagues really are the worst in the world, it's far worse than the SPL. You actually have former SPL duds go down there and look like superstars, that's how bad it is.
  9. Judging recent results of their national team, Iceland has a better standard of football than all British and Irish leagues. :D
  10. He might need the China cash given his recent tax issues
  11. More likely Mayweather will fight Golovkin, especially after his last two performances I think he'd beat GGG.
  12. He should have left years ago, but there is no structure to that club. The board have no idea about the football side, so they just leave it all up to Wenger and don't dare pressure him.
  13. I can't find a link, I'll await highlights later. :D How are we playing anyway? It seems like we are actually doing something with the ball under Pedro.
  14. I might be imagining this, but I am pretty sure there was a thing an interview a few years back when they launched their CEO said that they were using BT Sport as a funnel to increase their fibre broadband sales or something along those lines. Anyways, they are much better than SKY, who these days are a shadow of their former selves, with the same faces and same shite jokes every week.
  15. Whenever I hear Sal D'amato's named as a judge, I know 9 times out of 10 there is going to be some fuckery, either with him or one of his buddies.