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  1. The Boxing News Thread

    Billy Joe is an extremely tricky fighter who could cause GGG a lot of problems due to his defensive style and high boxing IQ. I'd much rather see BJS vs GGG than GGG vs Canelo, when we all now know that Canelo was very likely juiced to the gills in order to even compete with GGG.
  2. Is Arsene Wenger insane?

    The guy needs to retire.
  3. Billy Gilmour - Living the dream

    I'd try get him back on loan. He is more than capable and he needs to be playing games, if he doesn't he will just join the long list of well off young men who have been lost to the game.
  4. David Bates

    I never saw the game, only bits and pieces from underwater camera highlights. To me he looked very good given his age, he made some mistakes but that comes with experience. I'd make him a first team regular as Alves continues to struggle with injuries and I have no idea what is going on with Cardoso's nose.
  5. Has Murty already failed?

    Time will tell. To me he's a young manager with great prospects, but he probably needs 2-3 seasons at a club where he can develop without the pressures you have at Ibrox. In saying that, sometimes in football a manager with a bumpy start can go on to be a great regardless of their surroundings. We will probably have a better impression of him after the transfer window closes and the season resumes. Then he will have no excuses and success/failures will all be down to him and his team.
  6. 2nd half

    They were very lucky it was only 4 at Hearts, because the are a complete shambles when you push and pressure them at the back. I don't know it's going to be us, but someone is going to take 5 or 6 off them.
  7. SPFL Matters

    The money is there, especially with an audience the size of the UK. The issue is we have complete and utter fannies running our game, who have been proven to have no sense when it comes to making commercial and broadcasting revenue for our clubs.
  8. Harry Cochrane

    We could always buy him back, clubs do that all the time. It's probably not feasible, but in the longterm i'd look to put buy-back clauses in all our youths contracts.
  9. Parkhead for Scotland

    Internationals should be taken around the grounds, with cup finals played at Murrayfield.
  10. The Boxing News Thread

    You very well might get your wish once Dana White comes to town.
  11. MOH

    Several people embarrassing themselves like Wright did, instead of actually looking at the reason behind why they were late.
  12. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Ref is on the take, that was a dive
  13. Worse. They actually have money and are still making an arse of it.
  14. Newcastle receive a £300 million bid

    Maybe his divorce is putting serious pressure on his finances? I'm sure if he held out he could get a lot more money than what is being currently offered.
  15. Newcastle receive a £300 million bid

    MA would be mad to sell at that price, especially given the EPL teams get a third of that every year in TV revenue.