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  1. He ripped Showtime boxing more than Mayweather, which I enjoyed. I feel the same way as I did in the first presser, as soon as Mayweather starts talking money and how Dana is the boss, Conor is completely neutered, and all he can say is "Fuck You".
  2. Ofc he has. What can Conor say? His whole act is about money, you can't talk about money when you are standing new to a guy who made over $100M in one night.
  3. Yet again WME IMG continue to make a mockery of the UFC, as Gegard Mousasi leaves to join Bellator. The guy should have been fighting for the title, but Bisping avoided him like the plague.
  4. They might have had a little more in the bank if they didn't pay silly money for stuff like F1, which has really no likeable drivers, and has a ruling body who are intent on killing any enjoyment people had.
  5. It's not like she has a history of this, and she has already beat this chick, I can't see he bullshitting or being scared. If she obviously wasn't 100%, she shouldn't fight.
  6. Wtf is with Dana shitting on Nunes? The girl was ill, this ain't bowling, she is legit putting her life on the line when she steps in the octagon. Getting really tired of him talking crap about fighters of late.
  7. Morpheus?
  8. Yeah, that was pretty slick
  9. Paying £75 million for Lukaku is a laugh. I don't have any issue with crazy money being spent, but at least get some band for your buck. There are much better players you can get for that sort of money, players with much better experience against better opposition than the EPL offers.
  10. Don't think we can afford to lose any creative players after tonight
  11. They may be part time, but they are a team. We aren't a team yet, you can't toss a bunch of players together and expect things to work in a few weeks. I'll tell ya one thing, we certainly needs a lot more than just Dorrans coming in.
  12. It's pure fucking shite, but I honestly don't know what people are expecting? The team has just been assembled, it takes time for things to gel. If we are still shite after 5-6 games into the new season then I will worry.
  13. Just lacking that cutting edge in the final third as expected for what is essentially a brand new team at the start of a new season.
  14. Don't understand this one at all. He's definitely good enough for the team, letting him got for £500k is just silly.
  15. That the guy with the ripoff McGregor tattoo. In saying that, I'm sure McGregor ripped it from some male model.