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  1. I still think Fury for the win, but I think this time Wilder will try and go for the body especially if Fury is coming in heavier than the last time apparently
  2. It's his last hurrah if he doesn't after all his excuses etc Saying that, Fury in the last presser looked more nervous imo
  3. Alex Ferguson got punted because he wasn't very good, he was also told to mark Billy McNeil ( who knew ) which he never did,and he had a bad attitude when he played for us, so decided to use the catholic pish just like you have, The guy is a bitter clown, The Snp are Scotland's shame
  4. 😂😂😂😂😂 Kids disco with the lights on later
  5. Should be some fight, If Saunders can produce his best ever performance, he has a chance but can't see him getting a decision over there, Especially on the Mexican holiday weekend with 70,000 Mexicans there aswell, Triple GGG beat him before and never got the decision
  6. He practice partner is the wee fat cheatin feinain aswell
  7. Normally couldn't give a fuck who's fighting but was actually shouting at the tele when that dfb got sparked out 😄
  8. Eddie boy and Griff 😂😂 Fat mess 😄
  9. 😄😄 20 mill ? Be lucky if they get 10-12 mill 🤪
  10. Spot on, They couldn't wait for it to be stopped because they knew we were coming
  11. When he got took off he said to lemon, Your subbing me ? 🤣🤣🤣
  12. I will never forget that night he scored that goal against Brugge, what a night! My boss at the time asked me to pick him and his mates up in his company car, On the way there, they where all half cut and my boss said , what you doing the night son? I said ,Im going to pick my bird up in your flash motor, then come and get you after the game, He said I have a spare ticket if you want it, Just take the motor to the Swallow Hotel and tell them such and such said can you find me a space? What a night, I also remember one night at a Q+A with John Brown as well and it was ,who is the best player you played with Gazza? Laudrup ? etc ,etc, And Bomber said no, guys like Scott Nisbett where your unsung heroes
  13. Absolute joke, took they clowns 30 minutes to make that pathetic decision, That ref should never be near a ring again
  14. My 8 year old has one and he plays it quite a lot, The games are pretty good too ,the other good thing about them is you can take it with you wherever you go Before Covid he took his on holiday with us
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