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  1. Normally couldn't give a fuck who's fighting but was actually shouting at the tele when that dfb got sparked out 😄
  2. 😄😄 20 mill ? Be lucky if they get 10-12 mill 🤪
  3. Spot on, They couldn't wait for it to be stopped because they knew we were coming
  4. When he got took off he said to lemon, Your subbing me ? 🤣🤣🤣
  5. I will never forget that night he scored that goal against Brugge, what a night! My boss at the time asked me to pick him and his mates up in his company car, On the way there, they where all half cut and my boss said , what you doing the night son? I said ,Im going to pick my bird up in your flash motor, then come and get you after the game, He said I have a spare ticket if you want it, Just take the motor to the Swallow Hotel and tell them such and such said can you find me a space? What a night, I also remember one night at a Q+A with John Brown as well a
  6. Totally agree they should be no more, Are shamrock rovers involved with that shower of scum?
  7. Fienian tramp looking for the ramp
  8. Lego knew what he was doing (that’s why the mongo was laughing )and unfortunately Alfredo took the bait we could have and should have beat them today we had a penalty claim, that sky chose not to show a replay of , and total silence from Crocker and walker thereafter that prick Clancy the 4 th officiall threatening to send Gerrard to the stands for complaining aswell pathetic
  9. Think Croatia could win it Not seen anybody that has impressed me to be honest
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