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  1. nelsonRFC82

    ***Official World Cup 2018 Thread***

    Why would they (I am assuming you were talking about Spain) be DQ'd for sacking their manager?
  2. nelsonRFC82

    Welcome Goldson

    Like the fact we are going about our business quickly and with not too much fuss. Also, based upon signings so far, seem to looking to shore up the spine of the team at long last!
  3. nelsonRFC82

    Rangers 1 to 11

    1 - Goram 2 - Ricksen 3 - Robertson 4 - Gough 5 - Numan 6 - Ferguson 7 - probably Kanchelskis...or maybe The Dalcio? 8 - Gascoigne 9 - McCoist 10 - Novo 11 - Laudrup/Albertz
  4. nelsonRFC82

    El Classico Tickets

    I went to the Supercopa game this year, it was easy enough to get tickets to as was not included on the Barca season book so literally thousands available direct through Barca website at face value. Face value varies from about £100 - £250 depending on where you sit. Similarly, even at the league game a few weeks ago, there were tickets available from Barca directly at face value...but much more limited and only go on sale relatively close to the game (about a week or so before the game). Once the fixtures are announced you can usually register for ticket updates for any game https://www.fcbarcelona.com/tickets/football/football-tickets To secure in advance, likes of Viagogo will always be selling tickets...will likely pay at least double of face value so min. £200 at a guess.
  5. Missed out on Reims & Eintracht Frankfurt!
  6. nelsonRFC82

    ***Official MLS Thread***

    The synchronised fall to the floor from them both FFS!
  7. nelsonRFC82

    The open sewer that is French football

    It quite clearly is already; the qualifiers are seeded, the play-offs are seeded, the group draw is seeded. Is this really much different?
  8. nelsonRFC82

    Press Conference Today

    Given our luck, this time they would all tupe!
  9. nelsonRFC82

    Dave King Full Q&A

    Have said before but when King talks football matters it sounds like he is trying to explain it to businessmen and when he talks business matters it sounds like he is trying to explain it to football fans...the end result being neither its intended target and we are just left with often ridiculous sound bytes!
  10. nelsonRFC82

    Players out

    Not sure I have ever had so much resentment towards a Rangers team, management & board as I've felt over last month and topped off by Sunday's shambolic episode. That said, I would still be wary of a wholesale clearout. Firstly the practicalities in moving out 10+ players and replacing them in 1 window is a huge task. I am sure a few will be shipped out, including anyone out of contract/loans ending (bar Murphy and, at a push, Cummings but he has a long way to go to prove his worth). I would, however, focus on bolstering the squad with 4-5 quality additions rather than spreading our focus (& funds!) on wholesale squad revamp. Rewind a month, 2-2 at home against 10 man celtic and we really should have got ourselves to within 3 points of them. Clearly we didn't and the lack of bottle, fight & character since then has been astonishing. But this squad, for all it's faults, could have genuinely got in to a fight for the title. That's why I think if you put 4/5 solid quality additions to the team, we will actually not be as far away as a lot of people think.
  11. nelsonRFC82

    We are disgraceful

    Very wishful thinking, it's the 3rd time, under 3 different managers, that we have lost by 4 goals in under 2 years! Scunnered!!!
  12. nelsonRFC82

    Four Players Rangers Could Sign In The Summer

    All that list shows is the Record have no clue what targets Mark Allen is working on! We need quality not squad players! Basically, 4/5 players to become the spine of the team. If we are serious about competing, priorities should not be shipping out likes of Herrera to sign Moult, to improve options from the bench! In an ideal world, of course you want to build a squad of 22+ that can be called upon and trusted to perform, but the time to improve your bench is when your first xi is solid but lacks options/depth. When first xi is failing, absolute focus has to be on that not the squad!
  13. nelsonRFC82

    Guard of honour

    A club with no honour expecting a guard of honour? The field in which I grow fucks lies barren for whatever they want!
  14. nelsonRFC82

    World Cup Predictions

    I've backed Argentina & Spain. After last night, happier with Spain's chances but Argentina, ever so slightly, less so!