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  1. nelsonRFC82

    ***Official Golf Thread****

    Horrible fucking disease, heartbreaking leaving behind such a young family!
  2. nelsonRFC82

    Matchplay Darts Blackpool

    Aye, think Wright actually seemed a bit sheepish after as if he maybe regretted it slightly? I get the feeling with Anderson that he has achieved everything he wants to achieve so maybe lacks a little in motivation at times. When he's on, he's an absolute beast but there are times where he's at nowhere near his top level and he quite literally seems to just laugh it off.
  3. nelsonRFC82

    Hodson released?

    Tend to agree...I am far more concerned regarding the ability of our best players rather than our worst players! A few quality additions and I think it would help improve the players round about them. With that we should be able to put a real gap between ourselves and the rest of the league; we can then hopefully be in a position to put together a real challenge for the title...I do think we are still short 2-3 in that respect though! That all said, I am not sure you could say we had a "notable contribution" from James Beattie in 2010/11?
  4. nelsonRFC82

    ***** Transfer Thread *****

    Well if Everton did tap him up, then Watford could argue this directly led to a downturn in performance, eventually forcing them to sack him (and likely paying compo!) and could argue Everton's liability in that?
  5. nelsonRFC82

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Yes actually! https://www.BOYCOTT THIS LINK/sport/football/football-news/celtic-played-vital-role-helping-12893691
  6. nelsonRFC82


    To be fair, our history of signing players and paying them off or selling at a loss pre-date the banter years considerably!
  7. nelsonRFC82

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Who or what is that Sean O'Leathlobhair? That's a wanted poster for sure!
  8. nelsonRFC82

    How Many Rangers Players Were World Cup Winner Class ?

    He was undoubtedly one of Denmark's best players through 92 Euros to World Cup in 1998; think he was named in the Fifa dream team for France '98? Edit: Just read that in 1993/94, when Laudrup played with Milan, they won the title scoring only 36 goals all season; so not sure that was a team that was built to utilise attacking talents. Also regarding euro performances with us, looking at things retrospectively I don't think we were set up particularly well for european success in those days (although expected it at the time). Bar 1992/93 (what a season that was!), we didn't really make any impact. Have a feeling at that time, Walter was more of an aggressive motivator type coach but perhaps our teams lacked the know-how & organisation to compete in Europe. Second time around, Walter seemed to be a much more tactically aware coach...whilst not a european game the league cup final against St Mirren where we won with 9 men was just utterly ridiculous, he seemed to be pushing & pulling players here there and everywhere!
  9. nelsonRFC82

    ***Official World Cup 2018 Thread***

    Why would they (I am assuming you were talking about Spain) be DQ'd for sacking their manager?
  10. nelsonRFC82

    Welcome Goldson

    Like the fact we are going about our business quickly and with not too much fuss. Also, based upon signings so far, seem to looking to shore up the spine of the team at long last!
  11. nelsonRFC82

    Rangers 1 to 11

    1 - Goram 2 - Ricksen 3 - Robertson 4 - Gough 5 - Numan 6 - Ferguson 7 - probably Kanchelskis...or maybe The Dalcio? 8 - Gascoigne 9 - McCoist 10 - Novo 11 - Laudrup/Albertz
  12. nelsonRFC82

    El Classico Tickets

    I went to the Supercopa game this year, it was easy enough to get tickets to as was not included on the Barca season book so literally thousands available direct through Barca website at face value. Face value varies from about £100 - £250 depending on where you sit. Similarly, even at the league game a few weeks ago, there were tickets available from Barca directly at face value...but much more limited and only go on sale relatively close to the game (about a week or so before the game). Once the fixtures are announced you can usually register for ticket updates for any game https://www.fcbarcelona.com/tickets/football/football-tickets To secure in advance, likes of Viagogo will always be selling tickets...will likely pay at least double of face value so min. £200 at a guess.
  13. Missed out on Reims & Eintracht Frankfurt!
  14. nelsonRFC82

    ***Official MLS Thread***

    The synchronised fall to the floor from them both FFS!