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  1. nelsonRFC82

    Edmiston Drive

    Sad news, thoughts with his family & friends.
  2. nelsonRFC82

    Jack's back

    Aye, remember that. Souness hit Durrant with a heavy challenge and Durrant asks "is that all you got?" to which Souness responds "no" and catches him with a right hook...imagine if they had twitter in those days!!!
  3. nelsonRFC82


    It does seem an element of panic about the signing as we had no cover at all for Morelos...as it turns out he still isn't seen as cover for Morelos even with Laff cup-tied! But is the only failure in transfer market so far and you can't really knock that strike rate! Wouldn't be the worst thing to see him move on in January and a better striker signed up to help us battle on 4 fronts 😉
  4. nelsonRFC82

    ***** The Official Ryder Cup 2018 Thread *****

    The selection or non-selection of players does add some intrigue but can see the benefit of everybody playing an having a real chance to contribute from the outset. Must be a little bit sh1t you've worked for two years to get there and only get 1/2 games (only one of which being actually picked to play). I think everybody plays the 3 days of Presidents Cup? I think Yanks line up Speith/Reed, Tiger/JT, DJ/Koepka, DeChambeau/Fowler. Europe Rose/Stenson, Fleetwood/Molinari, McIlroy/Rahm, Casey/Noren. Wouldn't surprise to see Garcia/Rahm & McIlroy/Poulter together at some point.
  5. nelsonRFC82

    Club urged SFA not to help Rangers in 2008

    The season was not extended, the last game was the Scottish cup final and played on it's original scheduled date. The league did finish 4 days later than planned but the only alternative to that would have been for us to play Sat, Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun...given celtic complained about the delayed finish I guess that was their preferred solution! If they did extend the season by delaying the Scottish Cup Final it would have freed up another weekend for league business, as it was we played our final 3 league games in 6 days, dropping 5 points and losing league by 3!
  6. nelsonRFC82

    Villarreal away - wits the plans?

    Definitely seems worth a trip to the collection point on the day, surely there preference would be to sell any spares to Bears than force us to go on the look out for tickets in the home end. That's my plan anyway!
  7. nelsonRFC82

    Villarreal away - wits the plans?

    I get by with the lingo but don't exactly look local, will read up the Spanish for albino!
  8. nelsonRFC82

    Club urged SFA not to help Rangers in 2008

    The cancellation of the Gretna game was a strange move...however given the SPFL currently allow you to cancel games to play "high-profile pre-season" friendlies (a pre-season game after the season has started!)...or at least did for celtic recently. Bizarre is what they do best!
  9. nelsonRFC82

    ****The Official Villareal v's Rangers match thread****

    Heads up for folks without tickets or buying in home end: https://www.villarrealcf.es/en/news/item/21815-important-information-for-villarreal-Rangers Spanish police sure to be on their most hospitable behaviour no doubt!
  10. nelsonRFC82

    Villarreal away - wits the plans?

    Seems the game has been classed "high risk" and Villarreal are trying to clamp down on bears sitting with home fans; https://www.villarrealcf.es/en/news/item/21815-important-information-for-villarreal-Rangers I bought a ticket on Viagogo but now see they have removed all tickets so I am expecting that transaction to be cancelled. I would still hope there will be availability on the day but a heads-up to anyone travelling without tickets or with Home tickets.
  11. nelsonRFC82

    Your lifetime Rangers squad

    GK: Goram, Klos, McGregor FB: Stevens, Hutton, Robertson, Numan CB: Butcher, Gough, Amoruso, Cuellar CM: Durrant, Gascoigne, B. Ferguson, van Bronckhorst WM: Cooper, Walters, Laudrup, Albertz F: McCoist, Hateley, de Boer, Jelavic
  12. nelsonRFC82

    Derek Ferguson - Video

    That goal against Aberdeen (about 1 min in) is a belter, some pass from Ian Ferguson and coolly finished off by Derek!
  13. nelsonRFC82

    *** The Tennis Thread ***

    Yes & no, of course he would have likely won a few more slams, however the fact he has been competitive and won during an era with such greats probably means more to him than if he had dominated during an "easy" era.
  14. nelsonRFC82

    Villarreal away - wits the plans?

    I don't know Villarreal itself, but in pretty much every Spanish town you are going to find a fair few eating and drinking establishments; tapas bars etc. should be careful how I word this but eating out is ingrained in their culture! I am planning to arrive early in the day to get bearings etc, and head to the main square (stick on to be called Plaza Real or Plaza Mayor) and take it form there.
  15. nelsonRFC82

    Villarreal away - wits the plans?

    There aren't a great deal of hotels there in general, it's a pretty small town. You should still have options in neighbouring towns (Burriana, Castellon de la Plana for example); they are about 4/5 miles away and still seeing hotels at around €50/60 per night.