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  1. "Manchester, brace yourself..." still gives me goosebumps!
  2. "Having the hand/arm above shoulder height is rarely a ‘natural’ position and a player is ‘taking a risk’ by having the hand/arm in that position, including when sliding"...clearly no concept of biomechanics!
  3. Ideally, how would you see the club not accept the punishment? Play the player whilst banned? I am not sure really what options the club has, keep speaking out against & highlighting the double standards, keep challenging the bans but realistically what can we do?
  4. I'm on Koepka, Day & Sergio with Jonny Vegas thrown in for a 3 figure outsider!
  5. Wee trip up the road to Andorra in the early rounds would be fine by me! We're on our way, we're on our way...
  6. Robbie Winters for Aberdeen against us in the Oranje Scottish Cup Final!
  7. Forgot that Johnny Sack used to manage Hearts!
  8. Genuine question; do you feel the same way in expectations of players loyalty towards the club?
  9. Notice Batshuayi decided to throw the ball rather than belt it off the post and in to his face after this goal!
  10. ...never defeated? We won the game so that is nothing to do with the complaint, indeed the best time to raise issues such as this as the easy sour grapes riposte holds no weight!
  11. Dundee then Hamilton; could make a song out of that! It's a tough run of games (with 2 Euro fixtures to fit in there as well)! Never like looking too far ahead and trying to predict results, or how many points we will be ahead/behind etc. ...mainly because any time this has been done recently an almighty let down has followed. BUT, these are the challenges you face at Rangers, and what champions must be prepared to overcome!
  12. Don't think he is a bad guy, or really deserving of any hate...or indeed deserving of very much attention to be honest! Thought he came across quite immature and I don't think he has the talent to back up his attitude; but that is someone else's problem now. I wish him best of luck, but don't ever see him playing at a high level.
  13. I think that was actually the main motivation; our only appeal could be on mistaken identity and we were never going to win on that basis...but would love to hear how a referee can justify a booking where TV evidence shows him looking away from the incident??? If we can get that on record then it just makes a mockery of the SFA!
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