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  1. Read the OP - he said build a new facility!
  2. Weather was atrocious at some points to be honest. Marchers were soaked to the skin - some for the second time of the day after their morning walk. Maybe (if true) Greenock didn't fancy marching again after being in soaking wet gear for hours? Would be the first time I have heard of a parade being cancelled due to weather / cold / wet right enough. As for the band plumbGer - they have a bit to go but decent numbers. Sounded decent - could do with working on their marching. A bit out of line/step at times, but they are a young band so good luck to them!
  3. Great parade other than the weather. Some great bands these days - excellent standard and healthy in numbers. GPB great as always. Airdrie Grenadiers are a great little band now. Pollok and Pride of the Grange also stood out for me.
  4. It would outstanding if things turned out half as well as he says it will - the amount of pundits that would be spewing would be a thing to beauty!
  5. Route: Rawyards Park, Motherwell Street, Black Street, Aitken Street, Chapel Street, East High Street, High Street, Aitchison Street, Alexander Street, Stirling Street, Bank Street, Hallcraig Street, Baillies Lane, Graham Street, Clark Street, Motherwell Street, Rawyards Park
  6. Might get lucky - forecast is mixed so hopefully pishes down in Coatbridge and the sun shines over Airdrie!
  7. Used to be mine mate - still like it of course, but the ABOD just edges it for me now.
  8. No doubt, but useful info to those that like it eh. My favourite parade of the year to take in - always a smart parade. You will be tight for time - if the M8 isn't too bad you should just make it.
  9. For info to those who like taking in parades - Quite possibly the biggest loyalist parade of the year is being held tomorrow in Airdrie. Parade starts at 12 noon. Over 50 bands plus ABOD members - approx 4000 on parade.
  10. Which only highlights my point - the more like minded people within a group, the more influence you gain and in the end someone will rise to decision making positions.
  11. The only way to change newspapers viewpoints and actions is to get in the mix. Why would we not want Rangers supporters working for newspapers that obviously have an anti Rangers bias? Newspapers, political parties and councils are places of influence, of which ours has steadily dwindled over the last couple of decades.
  12. people seem to be focussing on the word gamble from the OP. However you could easily argue that we need to board to find 6-8 million on being competitive in our own league anyway. Whether the board will find it is debatable, but our team needs that type of investment.
  13. 3rd place for me. I think we will narrow the gap but not bridge it. It's all about the new manager using the rest of the season to full assess what we need for next year. Would be great if we could secure the cup though!
  14. Cheers Jules, enjoyed that as always
  15. Work rate was outstanding on Sunday. Quality of his finishing was not! Then again you could say that about Jamie Vardy last night. If Waghorn even scored one in three chances (on average) he would be a real asset.