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  1. Need some fan videos now to enjoy
  2. Hoodster

    *** The Official Rangers Fc vs UFA Match Thread ***

    Any YouTube streams on the go?
  3. Hoodster

    NK Maribor Vs Rangers - Video

    Nice one - cheers!
  4. Hoodster

    Every Saturday..

    Any more videos kicking about of the atmosphere from last night - struggling to find any on YouTube etc? 👍
  5. Won't let me buy - tried numerous times. Anyone heard of any streams?
  6. Hoodster

    RSC's - Our Lifeblood ?

    That is outstanding!
  7. Hoodster

    Gerrard Has to Earn our Trust

    What does "he has to earn our trust" actually mean?
  8. Hoodster

    Dorrans back for next week?

    Good to see but game comes too soon for him.
  9. Hoodster

    Alves ahead of Martin

    Alves is even slower than normal at the moment, as he comes back from injury. He cannot adjust to any balls played behind him, nor someone running at him. We will struggle defensively against celtic anyway, but playing Alves at the moment is just asking for problems.
  10. Hoodster

    ** Rangers V Hibs Official Thread **

    Do you need an account for this link to work?
  11. Hoodster

    Rangers Vs Aberdeen - Video

    Cheers Jules.
  12. Hoodster

    The Blue Nose Impact

    No. He has had a hard time of it - some of it self inflicted and some not. Once he sorts out his temperament and gets a bit wiser, he will be a big asset.
  13. Hoodster

    The amazing Rangers supporters

    Our fans sounded fantastic today. To be fair our away support is unbelievably good. Any more links going about?
  14. Hoodster

    Finlay's Christmas Wish

    What an amazing young lad and amazing parents. They also have another son and it was good to see him being fully involved as well. I thought when the class was chanting Finlays name just showed what they all thought of him.
  15. Hoodster

    *Official Rangers v St Johnstone Match Thread*

    The games I worry about as no doubt they will pack defense and midfield and we will struggle to break them down as we lack quality. Hopefully we manage to get an early goal and they open up a bit.