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    I live too far away to attend many matches.
  1. Bar Med closed down last year mate - so unless it has reopened then Chemies in Villamartin Plaza is the only place I can think of.
  2. I'm not for boycotts, however packing Murrayfield which would make them a small fortune, does not sit that well tbh.
  3. Interesting to see if Jack and Rossiter work tonight - they definitely did not last week when they got paired up?
  4. Waghorn is a stick on for a hat-trick tonight - whether it is 3 goals or 3 horrific misses, time will tell!
  5. Thank fuck - grab yourself a fortnight off big guy then see you at Ibrox!
  6. Definitely - plus an easier style of football and not the usual shite you get living in Scotland when you are a Rangers player ie. press etc.
  7. How are the ticket sales going for the game - any idea?
  8. At least four going by that report
  9. £15 a ticket. I think that is a sensible price.
  10. Away for 1st round - definitely going to 2nd round (if we make it!!)
  11. Looks a bit like Brechin!
  12. I would rather not give any club in Scotland a penny via transfer fees to be honest.
  13. I thought he handled that very well - a few questions clearly aimed at tripping him up. He was sharp enough to recognise it and answered very well.