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  1. Waghorn is a stick on for a hat-trick tonight - whether it is 3 goals or 3 horrific misses, time will tell!
  2. Thank fuck - grab yourself a fortnight off big guy then see you at Ibrox!
  3. Definitely - plus an easier style of football and not the usual shite you get living in Scotland when you are a Rangers player ie. press etc.
  4. How are the ticket sales going for the game - any idea?
  5. At least four going by that report
  6. £15 a ticket. I think that is a sensible price.
  7. Away for 1st round - definitely going to 2nd round (if we make it!!)
  8. Looks a bit like Brechin!
  9. I would rather not give any club in Scotland a penny via transfer fees to be honest.
  10. I thought he handled that very well - a few questions clearly aimed at tripping him up. He was sharp enough to recognise it and answered very well.
  11. Can't wait for the game
  12. Absolutely correct
  13. Read the OP - he said build a new facility!
  14. Weather was atrocious at some points to be honest. Marchers were soaked to the skin - some for the second time of the day after their morning walk. Maybe (if true) Greenock didn't fancy marching again after being in soaking wet gear for hours? Would be the first time I have heard of a parade being cancelled due to weather / cold / wet right enough. As for the band plumbGer - they have a bit to go but decent numbers. Sounded decent - could do with working on their marching. A bit out of line/step at times, but they are a young band so good luck to them!